It Cuts Both Ways: A Jew Argues for Child Rights Over Religious Circumcision

Thorough article questioning circumcision from a Jewish perspective ….

” … the right to manifest one’s religion is not absolute – it is limited by the harm caused to others. In 2011, 11 boys under the age of one were treated for life-threatening haemorrhage, shock or sepsis relating to circumcision in Birmingham Children’s Hospital in the United Kingdom. In the United States, it’s estimated that 100 boys die as a result of circumcisions every year. Can religion …justify this? ”

It Cuts Both Ways: A Jew Argues for Child Rights Over Religious Circumcision




Ban could be lifted on NHS Psychiatrist who illegally circumcised boys for religious reasons…

Would this be the outcome if the genital mutilation victims were girls?

“A medical tribunal is to consider lifting a ban on an NHS psychiatrist who illegally circumcised dozens of boys for religious reasons.

Dr Hassan Abdulla was banned from performing surgery for two years in 2014.

The condition was imposed after a Medical Practitioners’ Tribunal Service (MPTS) panel found him guilty of misconduct.

This followed a hearing at Leicester Magistrates’ Court when the doctor admitted six offences of carrying out surgical circumcisions without Care Quality Commission registration on 41 boys between November 2011 and January 2012 …”

Full Story … Leicester Mercury


Russian Christian Cleric Supports Female Circumcision for Muslims – But raises pertinent point – why the double standard about MGM and FGM from the WHO?

“Chaplin accused the U.N. of double standards by seeking to ban female genital mutilation but allowing male circumcision. The U.N. and the World Health Organisation (WHO) have campaigned for years to end the practise of any female genital cutting for non-medical reasons and have stressed that it is not comparable to male circumcision.”

In my view, the cutting of any child for religious rituals, medical fashion, or parental preference, is despicable.

FGM is directly comparable to MGM.


Nine out of ten Danes would ban ritual circumcision of boys …

Denmark overwhelmingly does not support religious cult practises involving genital mutilation of boys …

Copenhagen: Nine out of ten Danes would ban ritual circumcision of boys …



Jewish ritual cutting – encouraging infant erection pre-surgery.

Yahweh encourages the sickest stuff … A Mohel is a Jewish genital mutilator.

“‘When the penis of an infant is in a state of erection the operation is more easily performed and the dressing more efficiently applied. The manipulation of the organ necessary to grasp the prepuce is generally sufficient to stimulate the increased blood supply requisite for an erection. The Mohel will now, at a glance, observe the exact disposition of the mucous membrane covering the glans. He insinuates the nail of the right thumb under its edge, and seizes it between the nail and the index finger.'”

You can read the article at…/


Golders Green Anti-Circumcision Protest 12-05-16

A good description of events on the day …

The Screen

Needless to say we weren’t entirely welcome

The protest, organised by Mike Buchanan, leader of the political party Justice For Men & Boys, started at 1300 sharp and by the time I arrived several were already present, setting up banners and talking with the local police – they had arrived to oversee the demonstration. It was a hot day, certainly perfect weather for a protest, people will be out and about, living their lives and hearing what we have to say. We were collecting outside the Temple Fortune Clinic, this location had been chosen because Dr Martin Harris, a known genital mutilator, worked here. We were hoping to see him.

We were generally met with positive reception, although inevitably there were those who came and argued. A man claiming to be a doctor came out to inform us how we were wrong and did not know anything…

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MGM Protest, Golders Green Tube Station

MGM Protest, Golders Green Tube Station. Raising awareness, Promoting Brit Shalom and J4MB (Justice 4 Men and Boys political party UK).

Interesting debates with several people. Some defended infant cutting. Lots of the cut men thought there were health benefits. I guess that is one way of justifying it – although research does not back this claim up!

Many people were interested in the Jewish intactivist movement – which has a long history. Some recognised the human rights issue about consent but felt that it was a decision a parent should still have – often saying that “medical benefits” justified this – as well as religious reasons. I asked some “What if the child grows up to not be religious?” The most common answer being that it was only a minor procedure – and a useless flap of skin. Of course you can’t know any different if you don’t have that “flap” …

Many people were not interested in talking but took leaflets about Brit Shalom and Men’s right’s issues produced by Justice 4 Men and Boys.

Several people declared their religious feelings about MGM as an integral part of their religious life – and did not see MGM and FGM as comparable at all.

One Jewish lady was not sure who Joshua was but was robustly defending MGM for parents’ religious reasons – I was trying to explain that if she reads her Torah she will find that many of the Israelites were not circumcised as babies in the Joshua story – they decided to get mutilated as adults at Gilgal – producing “The mound of foreskins” (check your bible). So maybe cutting could be left to adulthood as there is a biblical precedent for this.

Patrick Smyth: The intactivist message, including Brit Shalom, was promoted in Golders Green yesterday with Mike Buchanan of J4MB and other staunch human rights activists. In all the five years that I have been protesting this issue on the streets I have never before experienced so much opposition and ridicule from women. We had mostly civilised and rational discussion with the men who had been subjected to the ancient ritual.

… There were many interesting conversations, including one with a man who was wearing the Tzitzis and must have been over 60, and yet he informed us that his mother left him intact! I dressed all in black for a change as befits my mood at the moment. Much more to report and more pictures/video as and when I collect my thoughts.

The Police attended and dealt with public access, protesters, and public even handedly and sensitively and the small demo of about ten protesters was peaceful. A very small number of passers by were rude and felt that there was no issue to protest about. The vast majority of people were polite even if they did not agree with our message.