HGM Borneo, March 19, 2016: Boy loses 2.5 cm of manhood in botched circumcision at private clinic in Kota Samarahan

One of the “complications” that can happen with HGM of boys … Borneo is taking the right approach – making the Doctor account for his mistake to the Police. This does not always happen in the UK or USA…

“KUCHING: The doctor of a private clinic was arrested on Thursday following the botched circumcision on a boy which resulted in the loss of 2.5 cm of his manhood.

State CID chief SAC Dev Kumar, who confirmed the case when contacted by The Borneo Post yesterday, said the incident happened on Monday morning in Kota Samarahan when the 10-year-old boy was brought by his grandfather to a private clinic to undergo circumcision.

“After the surgery, the doctor informed the grandfather that there were complications during the procedure and that the boy needed to be brought to the Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) for further treatment,” he said.

Dev added that the grandfather immediately did as he was told and was later informed by a doctor at SGH that the boy needed to undergo surgery as his private part was bleeding profusely.

“After the surgery at about 5pm, the boy’s family was informed the tip of the boy’s private part was missing, with investigation revealing that 2.5cm had been cut off and could not be reattached.”

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