Women were circumcised to stop harassing men for ‘vigorous action in bed’ – Migori Doctor

Kenya: Perhaps in a society where a man has several wives this could happen …

 “In the olden days, the Kuria were largely a pastoral community and our forefathers used to go for months in search of pasture. Polygamy was common.  Most men had more than four wives. One was allowed to marry as many wives as he wished, as long as he was able take care of them. Now, imagine coming back home to four horny women?” he posed. He says the community had no choice but to circumcise the women. This, he noted, was to ensure that they didn’t desire other men while their husbands were away.”

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HIV/AIDS: Why ABC remains the best approach (Not Genital Mutilation)

MGM does not help prevent HIV infection.

Recent news from Botswana: “There is an upsurge of cases of people who got infected with HIV following circumcision.”

From Zimbabwe: “Some circumcised men are contracting HIV and Aids after ditching the use of condoms, under a misguided belief that male circumcision (MC) would prevent them from getting infected.”

From Kenya: “Push for male circumcision in Nyanza fails to reduce infections.”

From Uganda: “A new study of 314 female s-x workers (FSWs) in Makindye division found that more than half of respondents falsely believe that once a man is circumcised, protection is not necessary during sex.”

From Malawi: “According to the report, HIV rates have doubled in Malawi, moving from 10% to 20% in 1 year. Strangely, this has been the same period that Malawians have been forced to go through circumcision in masses with the promise that it reduces the contraction of HIV.”

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Good news from Kenya …

“Siyuama is among many Maasai girls who are bucking a tradition that has disfigured millions of their ancestors. For the Maasai community, traditional culture permeates every aspect of daily life. Until recently, that culture dictated that elders must remove a girl’s labia and much of her clitoris before she could marry. But with the help of a generation of activists campaigning against female genital mutilation and early forced marriages, traditional African communities like this one have accepted an alternative ceremony. As a result, fewer girls are being married off as teenagers, and more are going to school.”


Kenya, 2016 :Knife of Greed: The story of male circumcision among street boys in Nairobi

African boys in Kenya suffer from botched MGM (Male Circumcision)… One fatality already this year. Infection and complications more likely as unscrupulous back street cutters

maximise their profits … Although a rite of passage for some tribes HGM (Human Genital Mutilation) has been promoted as a preventitive measure for HIV transmission – there is little evidence for it being effective – whereas condoms are known to be effective …

Published on Mar 15, 2016 : “In a KTN news exclusive, we delve into the murky waters of male circumcision among street boys in Nairobi…one that takes us deep into the heart of Mathare slums where many street boys face the knife and are brought back to the streets nursing serious infections on their private parts. So dire is the situation that it has already seen one street boy lose his life. KTN’s Timothy Otieno brings you “Knife of Greed”, the story of the plight of vulnerable streets boys in Nairobi.”