Should You Circumcise Your Child?

A pro MGM biased article with all the usual misinformation about UTIs, HIV, and sensitivity, it does not take a Rocket Scientist to work out that removing a huge bunch of nerves will reduce sensation! Parents’ blood rites have precedence over the child’s right to an unmutilated body for this Jewish American author who has two cultural imperatives to perpetuate the cycle of abuse – his religion promotes infant MGM and so does his national culture…

” … There is, of course, an ethical problem here, since the choice is almost always made by parents, not by the boys themselves. Circumcision is irreversible, and many argue, quite stridently, that this is “genital mutilation” inflicted on children for no reason.

All cards on the table: I’m Jewish, and I’m circumcised, as are both my sons. The procedure has a spiritual weight in my community. When confronted by people who use terms like mutilation, I generally recoil. Circumcising my boys was a personal decision for my wife and me, and I understand the various arguments for and against. People angry about this choice seem to imagine that we haven’t thoroughly considered it.

I also live with the knowledge that it’s possible that my children might have chosen differently. But we also have to recognize that parents make many, many decisions for their children with a greater and more meaningful impact on them than circumcision. That’s what parents do. Assuming that this is the most consequential one we might have made about our boys’ lives, and focusing so much attention on it — when evidence makes the value of either choice unclear — seems out of proportion.

That doesn’t mean opponents don’t have a point. Circumcision is much rarer in most other industrialized countries. Health organizations in those countries don’t advocate the procedure as we do in the United States. An argument can also be made for waiting until boys are old enough to make a decision for themselves. A number of factors make that difficult, though. It’s a more complicated procedure then, with greater risks and higher costs.

Given that religion and culture are tied up in this, it’s clear that this issue won’t be decided soon. It’s also clear that evidence won’t make anyone’s choice easier. In the end, the decision as to whether parents opt to have their babies circumcised will remain a personal one.”

Click for full article, NY Times: Should You Circumcise Your Child?


One thought on “Should You Circumcise Your Child?

  1. As to the recent “Should You Circumcise Your Child?” article – I shared it along with my own post this morning on many intactivist sites urging people to contribute pro-intact messages and “recommend” the various posts with which we agree. A steady stream were coming in and now I see that the link to comments on this article has been removed.

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