Lancet: Report on MGM as HIV prevention.

Condom use is the key factor – not HGM!

“Circumcision of HIV-infected men did not reduce HIV transmission to female partners over 24 months; longer-term effects could not be assessed. Condom use after male circumcision is essential for HIV prevention.”

Click for full abstract: Circumcision in HIV-infected men and its effect on HIV transmission to female partners in Rakai, Uganda: a randomised controlled trial


HIV/AIDS: Why ABC remains the best approach (Not Genital Mutilation)

MGM does not help prevent HIV infection.

Recent news from Botswana: “There is an upsurge of cases of people who got infected with HIV following circumcision.”

From Zimbabwe: “Some circumcised men are contracting HIV and Aids after ditching the use of condoms, under a misguided belief that male circumcision (MC) would prevent them from getting infected.”

From Kenya: “Push for male circumcision in Nyanza fails to reduce infections.”

From Uganda: “A new study of 314 female s-x workers (FSWs) in Makindye division found that more than half of respondents falsely believe that once a man is circumcised, protection is not necessary during sex.”

From Malawi: “According to the report, HIV rates have doubled in Malawi, moving from 10% to 20% in 1 year. Strangely, this has been the same period that Malawians have been forced to go through circumcision in masses with the promise that it reduces the contraction of HIV.”

Click for full article: HIV/AIDS: Why ABC remains the best approach

WHO: Male circumcision for prevention of heterosexual acquisition of HIV in men

The Terence Higgins Trust (Leading UK HIV/AIDS Charity) has no mention of HGM as a means to prevent HIV transmission on its website. Yet … The World Health Organisation on HGM of males as HIV prevention…

Click for Critique by Michel Hervé Bertaux-Navoiseau: Circumcision and AIDS, lies, sexism and apartheid

“The three new randomized controlled trials included in the updated review were conducted among men in the general population in South Africa (3274 men), Uganda (4996 men) and Kenya (2784 men). Circumcision was done using common surgical techniques (the Forceps-Guided technique and the Sleeve Resection method) under local anaesthesia. All three trials had commenced in 2002 and ended in 2005 or 2006.”


Click for full article: Male circumcision for prevention of heterosexual acquisition of HIV in men

2011 Misinformation? Male Circumcision Campaign in Uganda Protects Men from HIV

This is for real – HGM was promoted in Africa as valid anti HIV transmission treatment. The evidence for any benefit was discredited.

“Nonetheless, by 2010 only 25% of Ugandan men were circumcised, a number that greatly trailed the PEPFAR and UNAIDS estimates of what was needed for Uganda to cut its HIV incidence by half. SMC services across Uganda needed to be scaled up, services needed to be accredited and branded and community mobilizers needed education to be able to discuss SMC in their communities. Stand Proud, Get Circumcised was born. “

Male Circumcision Campaign in Uganda Protects Men from HIV


Uganda 2011 – Encouraging HGM