Questions to Doctor still promoting MGM in USA – A vaccine …

I wrote this email in response to an article circulating on Facebook the title of which likened male circumcision of infants to a vaccination program … If a vaccine was proposed with little benefit in prevention of nothing in particular with a serious complication rate of 1 in 200 surely it would be rejected …

“Dr Chin,
I read with interest your article (link below) in which you advised USA parents to opt for routine male infant circumcision. You suggested it was advantageous as a preventative measure against certain conditions.
Please could you cite some international peer reviewed research to back this claim up.
In Europe, male circumcision of infants and minors is only done for the parents’ cultural or religious reasons. The medical communities of many countries do not advise infant circumcision – seeing the potential for harm far outweighs any possible minor benefit and recognising that it is an unnecessary procedure done without consent of the patient.
In your article, in the section, “Myths about circumcision”, you state: “One of the more pernicious and persistent myths about circumcision is that it can dampen sensitivity and function and reduce pleasure. Research has found that it doesn’t.”
I must point out that by definition circumcision does reduce pleasure received from manipulation of the foreskin with its many sensitive nerve endings – as it is no longer present. Many men worry about the size of their penis – circumcision reduces girth and motility. Many circumcised men say that artificial lubrication is essential for sex or masturbation. Intact men don’t usually require lube to masturbate.
Please could you cite the international peer reviewed “research” that backs up these claims you make about circumcision not reducing pleasure?
The fallacious arguments you use to support male infant circumcision are used by Doctors in Malaysia, and others around the world, who recommend female circumcision.
You also state in your article that serious complications occur in “only” 1 in 200 procedures. If every boy in the world were to be circumcised, as you seem to suggest would be your choice, 1 in 200 children getting serious complications would be regarded as a serious global epidemic of harm. If this were for a procedure that was life saving with no alternative treatment that would be acceptable – but routine circumcision is not needed – you are perpetuating harm to children.
What happens to the foreskins you remove? Are they disposed of – or do you resell them for medical use?
What is the profit margin on a circumcision?
Do you recommend circumcision for pet mammals or farm animals?
I’m intact. Are you circumcised?
I note that if all American’s followed your advice the sheer numbers of infant circumcisions required would provide a steady reliable income stream for Doctors doing the procedures.”
If a vaccine were to be proposed with little benefit in prevention of nothing in particular with a serious complication rate of 1 in 200 surely it would be rejected …



Supporting The Case For Cutting Little Boys

Witty and cynical …

The Screen

This is a sensitive subject that many people will probably not agree with, but its corner needs to be fought, its arguments heard. A blight is hitting the bodies of young boys the world over and it needs to be removed, surgically. This blight, rather obviously, is fingernails.

There are many reasons to surgically remove a young boy’s fingernails and so very few arguments standing against. The ability to have the debate is often plighted by dark clouds of anger and personal feelings, heated rhetoric and empty yelling. Hopefully, through careful analysis and detailed examination we can dispel any and all myths and mysteries enveloping the issue of surgically removing a young boy’s fingernails.

For many this practice is deeply ingrained in their religion and cultural identity, that to take this practice, this rite, away from them would be to take away a human right. This cannot be…

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Daily Californian, Trixie Mehraban: Dicks (Uncut)

A woman discusses her experience of cut and uncut men …

“My physical discomfort when interacting with circumcised dicks led me to start questioning why people did this to their children in the first place. After a many a Google search and several impassioned conversations, it seemed that there were three main reasons people circumcised infant boys: it just looked more “normal” to them, the parents believed it to be the healthier option or it was part of the parents’ religious practice.”


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Would You Get Circumcised For Your Girlfriend? Culture Beats

In the USA, cut male genitals are seen by some women as desirable … In Somalia cut female genitals are seen by some men as desirable …

Light hearted video – various nationalities asked the question – interesting response from the guy from the USA …

Culture Beats asked people a difficult question about their own culture. We are asking you, too: Would you get circumcised for your girlfriend?




Circumcision Controversy, Video Montage

Rapid delivery – good content – off the wall style get up to speed on the issues in a few minutes …

“The majority of men on earth are not circumcised. Why would you want to make your manhood less functional anyway? Don’t you like having all your nerve endings? Extremely useful moving parts? Fact is, I don’t really need to convince you, society is moving in the right direction regardless of your made up beliefs on the issue. Science wins, religion loses, we’re moving forward with respecting basic human rights. Doesn’t matter your gender, we all are entitled to keep our body in one piece.”




We’re Piercing My Baby’s Tongue. Here’s Why.

Sometimes humour says it so succinctly … This lady should be a stand up comedian!

“Cultural reasons: My husband and I are devout Juggalos, and we want to raise our daughter to whoop-whoop with the rest of the family. It’s important that our little dirtbag grows up with a solid understanding of our ideals, which include hanging out at Hot Topic but not buying anything, and suggestively licking at strangers across a crowded Applebee’s. A pierced tongue is about more than just cracked teeth and cranial abscesses—it’s about who you are and where you came from. And for us, our daughter came from my pussy, which is also pierced.”

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