Circumcision Controversy, Video Montage

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“The majority of men on earth are not circumcised. Why would you want to make your manhood less functional anyway? Don’t you like having all your nerve endings? Extremely useful moving parts? Fact is, I don’t really need to convince you, society is moving in the right direction regardless of your made up beliefs on the issue. Science wins, religion loses, we’re moving forward with respecting basic human rights. Doesn’t matter your gender, we all are entitled to keep our body in one piece.”





Historian Frederick Hodges on the History of Circumcision in the Western World

Historian Frederick Hodges lectured on the History of Circumcision in the Western World at the Fourth International Symposium on Sexual Mutilations at the University of Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland – August 9, 1996.

HGM of Boys: Baby Genitalia Parts Sold

Would you use the wrinkle cream if it was manufactured with clitoral hoods cut off from baby girls?

Is it ethical to use products manufactured from body parts that were cut off without the consent of the person whose body it is?

Cosmetic Cream’s Key Ingredient:…

Article – Foreskin Face Cream and Other Beauty Products of the Future:…

Overview of Foreskin Industry – Foreskins for Sale:

Abstract from a research paper – “…fibroblast cultures are established from freshly harvested neonatal foreskin tissue”…

Commercial Company Selling cultures of Epidermal keratinocytes derived from neonatal foreskins:…


Michel Hervé Bertaux-Navoiseau on HGM

French Sociopsychoanalyst, Psychohistorian, Author of “Feminine and masculine sexual mutilation, the greatest crime against humanity”,   and of numerous articles about Human Genital Mutilation.

Academia, many articles: Michel Hervé Bertaux-Navoiseau on HGM (Human Genital Mutilation)

Kenya, 2016 :Knife of Greed: The story of male circumcision among street boys in Nairobi

African boys in Kenya suffer from botched MGM (Male Circumcision)… One fatality already this year. Infection and complications more likely as unscrupulous back street cutters

maximise their profits … Although a rite of passage for some tribes HGM (Human Genital Mutilation) has been promoted as a preventitive measure for HIV transmission – there is little evidence for it being effective – whereas condoms are known to be effective …

Published on Mar 15, 2016 : “In a KTN news exclusive, we delve into the murky waters of male circumcision among street boys in Nairobi…one that takes us deep into the heart of Mathare slums where many street boys face the knife and are brought back to the streets nursing serious infections on their private parts. So dire is the situation that it has already seen one street boy lose his life. KTN’s Timothy Otieno brings you “Knife of Greed”, the story of the plight of vulnerable streets boys in Nairobi.”

The Truth About Circumcision

2013 Stefan Molyneux, a Nurse, breaks down the truth behind circumcision, including details on the procedure, it’s history, rate of occurrence, claimed medical justifications, relation to masturbation, negative consequences and it’s morality.




Circumcised at 30

Testimony from people who have had MGM as adults is very telling – these people can say for sure the difference it makes to sensitivity, and other functions.


2012 Michael B. Wicks discusses his thoughts about the circumcision he chose for himself as a young adult.