“Denmark needs to have a clear policy when it comes to circumcision of young boys, and on Tuesday the nine people on the Ethical Committee of the Medical Association can send an important signal to the nation.

“It would be a signal that the Danish medical profession wants a ban on circumcision before the child is 18 or older and of legal age to make his choice.

“Medical Ethics is simple: It does not cut healthy people. Infants have not made such a choice.

“How hard can it be?

“Evidently quite difficult because the debate in Denmark has for years beat around the bush…

“On one front, the tireless researcher, consultant Morten Frisch, documenting circumcision’s negative consequences….

“Step by step, Frisch and companions have documented the visible physical and psychological complications, the legal flaws and challenged the obvious ethical lapses.

“On the other front, a number of people, with TV host Martin Krasnik as one of the more well known and offensive characters, reject the idea that circumcision is a public matter.

“The operation is trivialized and made into a private matter, which is inextricably linked to thousands of years of tradition and belonging. And in the aftermath, you often hear that a ban will lead to emigration and an even more widespread use of quacks.

“It is argued even for – with support from WHO – that circumcision can have positive effects in relation to sexually transmitted diseases, but also here is the documentation modest.

“The hot porridge, which so diligently walking are around, of course, fear of stepping two religious groups toes. This causes many politicians to tread water, and it has received National Board of Health to tread water after the release of the limp guidance in 2014.

“All due respect for the freedom to practice a religion, but Denmark should at least create equality when it comes to circumcision. It is morally thin leg, that we ban the genital mutilation of African girls, but not Muslim and Jewish boys.

“As a contributor Mikkel Andersson other day so rightly suggested, then you should remove the word ‘female’ from this section of the Criminal Code:

” ‘§ 245 a. Any person who by a legemsangreb with or without the consent cuts away or otherwise removing the female genitalia whole or in part, is punishable by imprisonment for up to six years.’

“While the discussion back of the front takes on a more aggressive tone, we can hope for a more cool consideration of three of the relatively new and younger forces in the key positions in health care.

“It could be the Medical Association President, Andreas Rudkjøbing that – hopefully on the basis of an opinion from the Ethics Committee – can put the association’s strong voice behind the demand for a ban. He certainly has the backing of the 3,000 colleagues in DSAM that called circumcision without clinical evidence of mutilation.

“It could be the National Board of Health Søren Brostrøm, which – of course on a mandate from parliament – may revise Anne Mette Dons’ shoddy guidance from 2014.

“And it could not at least be health and elderly minister Sophie Løhde that can put Denmark on the world map as a pioneer once again. We’ve been there before, with permits for sex change operations, partnerships for homosexuals, artificial insemination of single, yes, the world’s first female minister was even Danish, namely Nina Bang in 1924th

“Perhaps it is easier to allow than to ban, but this is the time to create equality and time to challenge the age-old rituals, which of course can easily be modernized. And in fact have been in some circuits.”

~Nicolai Döllner, Dagens Medicin



14 Year Old Boy Whose Father is Jewish Protests MGM

It is telling that children see justice more easily than adults. Sex education should be a right for all children irrespective of their parents’ religious prudery. The function of the foreskin should be included and a knowledge of genital mutilation. All children, girls, boys, and inter gender, need protection from unnecessary genital surgery. Children’s rights – not parents’ rites or medical meddling …

May 2016: Fourteen-Year-Old Boy Protests against Circumcision at the ACOG Annual Symposium (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) on May 16, 2016. His father is Jewish. He is there with two of his sisters, including a younger one who is only 12. He is very glad that he was left intact and has all his genitalia!

Gay circumcision ‘intactivist’ dies after long battle with depression (VIDEO)


Very sad that Jonathon Conte, such a caring member of humanity, decided to take his own life … He inspired many people, both at home and internationally, through his activism in trying to end genital mutilation of children …

Jonathon: Motivations of an Intactivist

2011 : Jonathon Conte discusses his awakening understanding about genital integrity and autonomy, developing skills for talking with people about the issue, and how it affects everyone.

“Jonathon Conte spent his life protesting male circumcision in minors. The lifetime advocate was a visible face in the world of “intactivism” – the campaign for the end of routine male circumcision. Conte said the act – which sees four out of five men in the United States circumcised as infants – as a “blatant human rights violation”., click for full article: Gay circumcision ‘intactivist’ dies after long battle with depression


UK: Men Do Complain on BBC Radio 2, The Jeremy Vine Show

The topic of MGM is being covered on mainstream radio …

Politicians in the UK, like other European countries, just don’t want to front up to the religious parents who want to carve up their kids. There’s a large Muslim vote, very influential Jewish media and political representation, and Politicians seek kudos by being ever more politically correct in pandering to these voices.

Most native Brit’s have the attitude “I don’t do it – if religious people want to cut their children that’s up to them – I am not going to make a fuss because I don’t want to be perceived as being anti Semitic or islamophobic” There are also many who don’t want FGM to be compared to MGM as they see GM as a female oppression issue only..

If female British Somalis were influential bankers, politicians, or media moguls or had five million votes then FGM would still be legal in the UK too… The situation is a real unjust paradox – GM is GM – no matter the gender of the child or culture of their parents.


Hibo Wardere, British Somali anti FGM Intactivist: ‘There’s no way to describe the pain of FGM’

Hibo Wardere, British Somali Mother, is an ardent campaigner for preventing FGM in the UK. She speaks frankly about her own experience, her work, and the current situation for girls at risk in the UK.

BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour 21/4/2016 (Either link will work in the UK – The BBC does impose restrictions on international WWW users and also removes content)

See also: Campaigner attacked on bus ‘for warning pupils that FGM is child abuse’


In Philippines: 300 School Boys Undergo Horrific Mass Circumcision

A rite of passage … Barbaric from a European view point …

DailyMail “gathered that the boys aged nine and upwards are circumcised as part of a traditional rite of passage in to adulthood.

Often the circumcision or ‘tuli’ as it is known in the Philippines takes place in free mass events to promote safe practice. The ritual is an age-old custom, wherein the foreskin of the penis is cut off for non-medical reasons.

As part of the ritual, the boys are encouraged to wear loose skirts to facilitate circumcision and the swelling that follows the ritual…”

Click for full article: In Philippines: 300 School Boys Undergo Horrific Mass Circumcision

Female Genital Mutilation and Male Circumcision – Don’t Compare Them?

See also: Practical Ethics Oxford Uni’ Debate Female genital mutilation (FGM) and male circumcision: should there be a separate ethical discourse?

Youtube Published on Jul 8, 2015 : In this video, I introduce a new academic paper on the controversial subjects of female genital cutting/mutilation and male circumcision. This paper is published and available here:…