Circumcision should be ILLEGAL: Expert claims public figures are too scared to call for a ban over fears they could be branded anti-Semitic or Islamophobic

Dr Niall McCrae, a mental health lecturer at King’s College London, claims it should be considered in the same regard as female genital mutilation.

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HGM of Boys: Baby Genitalia Parts Sold

Would you use the wrinkle cream if it was manufactured with clitoral hoods cut off from baby girls?

Is it ethical to use products manufactured from body parts that were cut off without the consent of the person whose body it is?

Cosmetic Cream’s Key Ingredient:…

Article – Foreskin Face Cream and Other Beauty Products of the Future:…

Overview of Foreskin Industry – Foreskins for Sale:

Abstract from a research paper – “…fibroblast cultures are established from freshly harvested neonatal foreskin tissue”…

Commercial Company Selling cultures of Epidermal keratinocytes derived from neonatal foreskins:…


Peter Lloyd,The Suffragent: Why circumcision is the same as FGM

30 Mar 2016: MailOnline Journalist and ‘Stand by Your Manhood’ author Peter Lloyd explains why boy circumcision is the same violation as FGM – despite feminist assertions to the contrary.

WHO: Male circumcision for prevention of heterosexual acquisition of HIV in men

The Terence Higgins Trust (Leading UK HIV/AIDS Charity) has no mention of HGM as a means to prevent HIV transmission on its website. Yet … The World Health Organisation on HGM of males as HIV prevention…

Click for Critique by Michel Hervé Bertaux-Navoiseau: Circumcision and AIDS, lies, sexism and apartheid

“The three new randomized controlled trials included in the updated review were conducted among men in the general population in South Africa (3274 men), Uganda (4996 men) and Kenya (2784 men). Circumcision was done using common surgical techniques (the Forceps-Guided technique and the Sleeve Resection method) under local anaesthesia. All three trials had commenced in 2002 and ended in 2005 or 2006.”


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Sexual mutilation and the moral order (problematics and basic concepts of the struggle against sexual mutilation)

French Lecture – transcript – reads like an academic paper. Points out double standards between genders, and examines possible correlations between cutting cultures and violence (wars, death penalty, female excision).


Abstract: The gender concepts of female (FGM) and male (MGM) sexual mutilation set up sexes the one against the other instead of bringing them together in defence of minors. Indeed, they ignore the fact that sexual mutilation strikes minors, not adults. This because their promoters seem ignoring that the object of sexual mutilation is subjection of minors through repression of autosexuality. The basis of this ignorance is the taboo weighing upon the specific organs of autosexuality, which are destroyed by sexual mutilation. We shall give a definition of sexual mutilation, designate its agent: the moral order, qualify its means: the repression of autosexuality, and point at its consequences: discrimination and segregation under threat of exclusion of opponents.

The worst of allegedly educational violence, sexual mutilation rites set up the law of might through terrorizing the human person at the age when they are the most vulnerable. Barbarian methods of banning infantile sexuality and of denying the right to pleasure, possessory markings exert a perverse sway of the group over the helpless individual in order to force them to work, reproduction and war. Vexatious, it humiliates through condemning personal pleasure by the castration of its specific organs. It frequently makes sexuality painful for women and severely impoverishes autosexuality for men. The atrocious pain, the terror of the operation and the permanent reminder of the related threats of castration, exclusion and death deeply traumatize, the most often unconsciously. So, it is one of the most obnoxious techniques of enslaving the individual, responsible for virulent fanati-cism and violence. Pretending to socialize through warranting a warranted-by-God-in-person moral value but destroying human identity in its most intimate part, its illusory superiority discriminates foreigners and opponents through an artificial racism.

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Violence against the child leads to a violent adult …

Extreme trauma from male circumcision causes damage to areas of brain

“A team of nurses approached Dr. Paul Tinari, PhD, of Kingston General Hospital in Ontario, Canada, to make him aware of something which they had been observing for quite some time. Many of the newborn baby boys circumcised at the hospital were exhibiting excruciating levels of pain so severe, the nurses reported, that the behaviour of these children seemed to be changing in a tangible and possibly permanent way.”

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2011 Misinformation? Male Circumcision Campaign in Uganda Protects Men from HIV

This is for real – HGM was promoted in Africa as valid anti HIV transmission treatment. The evidence for any benefit was discredited.

“Nonetheless, by 2010 only 25% of Ugandan men were circumcised, a number that greatly trailed the PEPFAR and UNAIDS estimates of what was needed for Uganda to cut its HIV incidence by half. SMC services across Uganda needed to be scaled up, services needed to be accredited and branded and community mobilizers needed education to be able to discuss SMC in their communities. Stand Proud, Get Circumcised was born. “

Male Circumcision Campaign in Uganda Protects Men from HIV


Uganda 2011 – Encouraging HGM