Another Year’s MGM Initiations in Africa

“The recent problems — deaths, amputations, injuries, gangsters — occurring in male initiation schools have resulted in negative perceptions of the practice; perceptions which find expression in criticism directed at the initiation schools, especially that they represent an outdated cultural practice,” said the commission’s chairperson, Thoko Mkhwanazi-Xaluva.

Genital mutilation is done in South Africa and boys die every year …

Survivors of botched circumcisions live in secrecy




Somali Born FGM Victims Condemn MGM

These ladies, victims of a cutting culture, see things as they are – genital mutilation is just that – cutting any child, boy, girl, or intersex, is a gross disregard of human rights….




Male Circumcision in the USA

The USA is currently looking at legislation ( International Freedom of Religion Act) to enshrine religious ritual genital cutting (of male children only) as a religious “right” along with ritual slaughter of animals by bleeding to death …

This is a heart felt condemnation from a cut man.

Gender equality? Children’s rights?

A discussion of male circumcision and the law here in the US.



Malawi May 2016: Circumcision gone wrong…boy loses penis in Chikhwawa

Penis accidentally severed during pointless circumcision, 9 years old. Cutting not his culture. Bribery and coercion. Part of the HIV MGM hoax where African men have been persuaded to be cut to help prevent HIV on the flimsiest of evidence for efficacy – but they still have to use condoms! Is this worth it?

“… The child was taken along with other unidentified minors after they had been coaxed by some sweets, juices and biscuits before being given Lifebuoy Soap as an antibacterial cleansing substance for the wounds. The father, Mr Sande, complained that the people involved, forcefully circumcised his son against values and customs of the Sena culture.”

Islamic State (ISIS) forcefully circumcised Assyrian Christian men and women in Mosul without anesthesia, while women are sold as salves for $150 each

They probably did not tell you this at Sunday School. 1 Samuel 18:27 : If you check your old testament/torah you will find forced circumcision has been a feature of religion/culture for millennia… Gods are obsessed with detached foreskins it seems. Check out the brideprice David pays for Michal, daughter of Saul (100 Philistine Foreskins asked – David goes 2 for 1 and delivers 200 Philistine Foreskins to Saul as tokens of dead Philistines) “David took his men with him and went out and killed two hundred Philistines and brought back their foreskins. They counted out the full number to the king so that David might become the king’s son-in-law. Then Saul gave him his daughter Michal in marriage.” Of course Saul could have asked for Philistine heads – too tricky to carry, or hands – possibility of cheating with women’s hands – so foreskins! In this case the story suggests post mortem genital mutilation.

2014: The Tunisia Daily is reporting that the Islamic State (ISIS) forcefully circumcised Assyrian men in Mosul, without anesthesia. The report does not specify the number of men that were affected but does state that it was an organized mass circumcision. ISIS has ordered the circumcision of all Christian children and adults who remain in Mosul.

Source: Islamic State (ISIS) forcefully circumcised Assyrian Christian men and women in Mosul without anesthesia, while women are sold as salves for $150 each