Time to Give Up Circumcision : Haaretz Opinion

Circumcision, eating restrictions and resting on Shabbat differentiated Jews from the polytheistic nations of the Hellenist world and the Roman Empire. But during the period of the Jewish commonwealth and most of the Persian period, residents of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah didn’t circumcise their sons. All the kings of Israel and Judah, from King David through Zedekiah, were uncircumcised. The prophets, from Amos and Hosea to Jeremiah and Ezekiel, were also uncircumcised.

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Amazon pull ‘irresponsible’ infant circumcision training kits from sale over child safety fears

The UK’s National Secular Society pressured Amazon.co.uk to withdraw a circumcision training kit from its website. Amazon.com still offers headless infant torsos for doctors to practice their crude skills on a baby’s penis.


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Another Year’s MGM Initiations in Africa

“The recent problems — deaths, amputations, injuries, gangsters — occurring in male initiation schools have resulted in negative perceptions of the practice; perceptions which find expression in criticism directed at the initiation schools, especially that they represent an outdated cultural practice,” said the commission’s chairperson, Thoko Mkhwanazi-Xaluva.

Genital mutilation is done in South Africa and boys die every year …

Survivors of botched circumcisions live in secrecy



NSS (National Secular Society) and Humanists UK aknowledge MGM and IGM

Both the NSS (National Secular Society) and Humanists UK have now, in the last few months, acknowledged that genital mutilation of any child is a cause for concern – until recently both organisations only mentioned FGM – a small step forward towards protecting all children, girls from FGM, boys from their parents’ god given desire to circumcise them, and intersex children from people who seek to allocate them a gender without their consent. I hope this raises awareness and leads to fair legislation about genital cutting of children. It also requires that intersex people are recognised as such – other countries have already done this. I will write to my MP again about this.