Article from the Jerusalem Post, although not mentioned, Muslim ritual rircumcision and halal slaughter, without stunning, are also for the chop.

Scandinavia leads the way on children’s rights and humane animal treatment where these things conflict with primitive cult practices.

“The Progress Party in Norway voted on Saturday in favor of a law banning ritual circumcision of children under the age of 16, a day after the environment committee of Belgium’s Parliament of Wallonia voted in favor of banning ritual slaughter, posing a threat to both shechita (kosher slaughter) and brit mila (circumcision) in Europe.

Proponents of the Norwegian bill, which was discussed during the party’s national gathering over the weekend, claim that circumcision constitutes mental and physical harm to children and constitutes a serious violation of children’s rights. The Progress Party is the third-largest party – with 29 of 169 seats in parliament it serves as the junior partner in Prime Minister Erna Solberg’s cabinet.”




Israeli Rabbi Uses Ethiopians and Sudanese Infants for Circumcision Training

An article from Haaretz, international Jewish newspaper … This is shocking – using the babies of the poor and orphans as “cannon fodder” for training genital cutters …

“The rabbi goes on to explain why the students practice on the babies of the weaker strata of the population: “Why not?” he asks in the recording. “They have no father. No mother… There’s no problem. Even if your cut isn’t straight, they won’t say anything, because they don’t understand anything.”

Israeli Rabbi Uses Ethiopians, Sudanese Infants for Circumcision Training.

It Cuts Both Ways: A Jew Argues for Child Rights Over Religious Circumcision

Thorough article questioning circumcision from a Jewish perspective ….

” … the right to manifest one’s religion is not absolute – it is limited by the harm caused to others. In 2011, 11 boys under the age of one were treated for life-threatening haemorrhage, shock or sepsis relating to circumcision in Birmingham Children’s Hospital in the United Kingdom. In the United States, it’s estimated that 100 boys die as a result of circumcisions every year. Can religion …justify this? ”

It Cuts Both Ways: A Jew Argues for Child Rights Over Religious Circumcision



7 May 2016, Worldwide Day of Genital Autonomy, Germany conference: Tel Aviv Man speaks out for genital integrity.

Ari Libsker, journalist and filmmaker from Tel Aviv (Israel) used his speech on the 4th Worldwide Day of Genital Autonomy on May 7th, 2016 in Cologne to talk about … why it is so important to talk to each other and stand united for children’s’ rights.

Fantastic to see so many people from all over the world are waking up ..

“Let’s unite together and fight this horrible, barbaric, evil thing that we’re doing to children”


2016, May: Death of boy in Gaza during circumcision.

Death is a male circumcision “complication”…

No one should have the “right” to impose this procedure on another.

The distraught man is very upset because his son died due to negligence while the doctor was performing a circumcision on the boy. He is blaming the doctor for his tragic death.


2016 Zimbabwe: Circumcision goes terribly wrong. . . as boy dies during procedure.

London 2007 Police probe death of baby after circumcision

2015 Ontario newborn bleeds to death after family doctor persuades parents to get him circumcised

2012 UK : Manchester baby boy ‘bled to death after circumcision’

Humanistic Judaism And Anti-Circumcision Intactivism

Jewish Business News article about modern form of Judaism that does not see the need for HGM (Human Genital Mutilation) of babies.

The Humanistic Jewish movement is a quickly growing denomination in Judaism and the closest to Jewish Intactivism. The movement contains over 30,000 members and has over 50 active synagogues in the United States and Israel. There are a variety of active Humanistic Jewish journals and a group of thriving associations and communities connected to the movement. The focus of Jewish Humanism is on Judaic culture and society while embracing Humanistic ethics.

Click for full article: Humanistic Judaism And Anti-Circumcision Intactivism

Jewish Business News: Jewish Celebrities Make A Vocal Case For Intactivism

“Famous celebrities such as Rosanne Barr, Howard Stern, and Alicia Silverstone are breaking the mold as a new kind of Jewish Intactivist.
Celebrities are not the only Jews to begin questioning circumcision. These days more and more young Jewish parents are keeping their sons intact. This phenomenon has gained the attention of the New York Times and Jewish press. Jewish Intactivists are bloggingmaking religious cases for a shift in tradition, and are holding their own peaceful covenant blessings. Almost 200 Jewish leaders, mostly Rabbis and Cantors in the Reform and other progressive Jewish movements, are performing and celebrating such covenantsJewish Intactivists are active in Israel, where they are making their case in the mainstream mediaKahal is a community group for parents of intact sons in Israel. In the ten years since its founding more than 1,000, mostly Jewish parents have been members… “