Another Year’s MGM Initiations in Africa

“The recent problems — deaths, amputations, injuries, gangsters — occurring in male initiation schools have resulted in negative perceptions of the practice; perceptions which find expression in criticism directed at the initiation schools, especially that they represent an outdated cultural practice,” said the commission’s chairperson, Thoko Mkhwanazi-Xaluva.

Genital mutilation is done in South Africa and boys die every year …

Survivors of botched circumcisions live in secrecy




WHO: Male circumcision for prevention of heterosexual acquisition of HIV in men

The Terence Higgins Trust (Leading UK HIV/AIDS Charity) has no mention of HGM as a means to prevent HIV transmission on its website. Yet … The World Health Organisation on HGM of males as HIV prevention…

Click for Critique by Michel Hervé Bertaux-Navoiseau: Circumcision and AIDS, lies, sexism and apartheid

“The three new randomized controlled trials included in the updated review were conducted among men in the general population in South Africa (3274 men), Uganda (4996 men) and Kenya (2784 men). Circumcision was done using common surgical techniques (the Forceps-Guided technique and the Sleeve Resection method) under local anaesthesia. All three trials had commenced in 2002 and ended in 2005 or 2006.”


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Stricken teen ends his life after penile amputation due to circumcision complication

A really sad case of suicide as a result of HGM.

“At an initiation school in May last year Minentle was ill-treated, assaulted with sticks and burnt on his buttocks. He was treated in hospitals in Mthatha and Libode for complications following the circumcision. “He could not take it any more. It was too heavy for him to deal with it and he could not see a future as a man after he had a penile amputation following the illegal circumcision that went horribly wrong,” said Dlanaye.”


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Ritual Cutting Rites in SA:

Ulwaluko: Very informative website documenting reasons and terrible damage … Nelson Mandela’s rite of passage … Eastern Cape, South Africa

“Every single initiation season the media writes about complications accompanying the ritual of Traditional Circumcision and Initiation into Manhood. The magnitude of these complications is horrific, from 1995 till today 969 boys have lost their lives in the mountains and hills of the Eastern Cape. Many others were mutilated or even lost their manhood.”

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43 Eastern Cape initiates died last circumcision season …

43 Eastern Cape initiates died last season – premier Genevieve Quintal, News24

43 Eastern Cape initiates died last season

King William’s Town – Out of 42 225 initiates, 43 young boys died during the last circumcision season in the Eastern Cape, Premier Phumulo Masualle said on Friday.

“It saddens us though to see families grieving the loss of their children as a result of botched circumcisions,” he said in his State of the Province address in King William’s Town, according to a copy of the speech.

“Clearly, we cannot allow this situation to continue like this.”

He said the provincial government would continue looking for ways of making the tradition a pleasant experience.

A number of people had been arrested.