Should Sky TV have shown a news report about FGM in Puntland, Somalia? UK Anti-FGM Activists think not… why not?

It is best to watch the article – there are no explicit scenes of cutting –


Me: I watched Sky News’ report on FGM in Puntland, Somalia. For people who have no idea about FGM – like most UK natives – it was informative. The reporter stated that Sky tried to persuade the Mother not to do it. Sky informed the local Police – who were not interested as there is no law against FGM in Puntland. They covered the terrible consequences for the girls. They hid the identity of the girl. They covered the campaign to legislate against FGM in Puntland. For someone like Hibo Wardere, it must be deeply upsetting to watch this report as it must bring back memories one would rather not have, but I would say that the program will raise awareness. I… think their report fair – remember most people in the UK have no idea what goes on in connection with FGM.
Anti-FGM Activist: “There are other ways to raise awareness… This is a form of child abuse, do you advocate sky news filming other forms of child abuse, just so we’re all clear on what goes on? I completely and utterly disagree that this was necessary to raise awareness. I work with Hibo and have seen first hand how she educates people who had no idea about fgm. No more girls lives need to be ruined!”
Me: Sky will reach many people – it would take many Hibos working for many years to reach as many people. I agree that perhaps their title is misleading “Activists Edge Closer ….” and yet the video content is more about the poor girl. If you read their web page about the report, however, it is very positive about the fight for FGM legislation in the Puntland region, and not sensationalist …
Anti-FGM Activist: “Funnily enough I understand how mass media works… but thank you for taking the time to explain it to me. But instead if patronising me, why don’t you answer my question, would you advocate the filming of other acts of violence/abuse, just as long it was presented as part of a campaign to end that particular form of violence/ abuse?”
Me: Should we stop reporting wars and not show the devastation and suffering? Is not Hibo Wardere‘s book a form of sensationalism – I hope the profits are going to charity… the graphic used to illustrate the front of Hibo Wardere‘s book is in my view sensationalist – the very thing you are accusing Sky News of. Hypocracy indeed.

Peter Lloyd,The Suffragent: Why circumcision is the same as FGM

30 Mar 2016: MailOnline Journalist and ‘Stand by Your Manhood’ author Peter Lloyd explains why boy circumcision is the same violation as FGM – despite feminist assertions to the contrary.

UK Intactivist Questions MGM : Phones NSPCC and Police

There is no doubt that this shocking ritual involving ripping back a babies foreskin slicing it off and then sucking the bloody wound does not belong in a modern society. I for one am glad that people are contacting the NSPCC (UK National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children), and Police.

Children die from MGM. It is nothing to do with religious freedom – only the cycle of abuse that the parents find themselves in. Counselling needs to be given to religious cult sects that do genital mutilation, especially parents, advising them that they are mutilating their children.

Chrisy Morris – UK Intactivist

Metzitzah B’peh. Talking to the NSPCC.


POLICE AND NSPCC ARE TAKE THIS ON AS A CRIME (should have from the start). After a long chat with a fella that brought it to my attention the baby we was concerned about will have things put into place to ensure no harm comes to them. Follow up video soon…..


The Israeli Health Ministry against applying direct Metzitzah B’Peh (oral suction of circumcision wound)

Intactivist Jews Increasingly Vocal In Israel

“The Child Cried So Much He Burst His Lung”

Victor Schonfeld, a Jewish Film Maker, shows what happens when things go wrong, the family and community pressure that contributes toward the cycle of abuse, and suggests change should come. Several Jewish Scholars have itemised how MGM has been used to control Male sexuality in at least three ways: masturbation prevention, (some extreme forms of Judaism preach that a Jewish man’s semen is so sacred that it should never be spent in masturbation or outside of a kosher vagina – only in procreation within marriage – which would exclude gay sex, oral sex, etc.); to prevent Gay Jews in antiquity from visiting Greek Gyms (Greeks saw a cut man as a slave – no entry to Gym, or Jim! Greeks were not so bothered about sexual orientation as people who took the laws of Moses literally); and to make the man less sexually sensitive in the hope this would keep him producing more babies for the tribe – within marriage – less pleasure = less likely to be permissive and less likely to seek extramarital liaisons.


It’s a Boy! C4 Documentary

BBC3 TV “Free Speech” on Male Infant circumcision

2014 UK BBC3 TV debate in which much ignorance and bias is displayed about MGM. In particular the stressing of how terrible FGM is because it is intended to control female sexuality. Most of the panel and audience seem to be unaware that the same reason is used to justify ritual MGM of boys.

As a UK taxpayer I’m disappointed that the ignorance displayed by the sexist female MP (Politician), Anna Soubry, she indicates she has not even read about the topic of MGM – my taxes go towards her generous salary… She came in to the debate with her mind set – MGM if recognised would trivialise FGM – which is a wrong attitude.

Moses Maimonides, Jewish Teacher, Philosopher and MD 1135AD Explicit description of how MGM (circumcision) is intended to control male sexuality.

Dr Kellogg and Mutilation (Circumcision) of Boys and Girls Quote from Dr Kellogg (1888) who typifies the school of medical thought prevalent in Victorian times that masturbation was evil and caused mental illnesss – he recommends a painful circumcision for boys and a drop of carbolic acid on the clitoris for girls… At least he wasn’t sexist on this issue!

Note the young black lady who points out that many FGM victims think that MGM should not happen either.

Pay attention to the flustered MP’s response and her sexist remarks. Note the Facebook responses at the end – all MGM males who do complain!

Intactivist Speaks Out.

Full Video

Intactivist Jews Increasingly Vocal In Israel

Published On: Sun, Feb 7th, 2016

“Intactivist Jews Increasingly Vocal In Israel

BRIS- CIRCUMCISION intactivist Jews Increasingly Vocal in Israel

Intactivism—the movement to question circumcision—continues to win social acceptance worldwide, including in the Jewish state of Israel. Jews in the holy land are increasingly open to questioning circumcision. In recent years, Jewish Intactivists have published articles and essays in some of Israel’s largest papers including Haaretz, 927mag, Jewish Business News, the Jerusalem Post and others. A variety of active Intactivist groups such as Gonnen (Protect the Child), The Israeli Organization Against Genital Mutilation/Intact Son, and Kahal (a community group for parents of intact sons) have sprung up. The leaders of Kahal say that thousands of Israeli Jews are choosing to keep their sons intact.

We are Jews who are proud of our heritage and religion, and who see a need to make adjustments to protect the well-being of our sons. Judaism is a religion of constant evolution and ethical advancement. Early in Judaism animal sacrifice was abandoned, and Rabbis chose to abolish capital punishment. Many Jews and Israelis recognize that it is time that circumcision shift into a symbolic ritual such as the well-popularized Brit Shalom. Over 130 Rabbis are willing to do a Bris ceremony without circumcision, and this includes some Rabbis in Israel.


Update On The Intactivist Jewish Movement In Israel

“I am a Jewish filmmaker and I have been invited by the Council of Europe to its Parliamentary Assembly next week. By screening my television documentary It’s a Boy! For European parliamentarians I aim to help shore up their commitment to protection of children’s right to physical integrity – a key step toward ending ritual circumcision of boys….From a very young age attending Jewish schools my tpersonal preoccupation was the Jewish thirst for justice and our empathy for suffering. Tsa’ar ba’alei chayim, the Jewish injunction to heed the distress of living beings, became the wellspring of the filmmaking I’m most proud of, including films about Israeli society, its past, present and future.…Had I known such facts earlier, my son would have remained intact, as is the case with increasing numbers of Jewish boys today, including thousands in Israel… Parents like me know from our remorse that it was wrong to make such an irreversible, painful and dangerous decision for our children. We owed our children protection, and we owe it to our communities not to be silenced when we have erred as parents. …boys from all backgrounds need the protection of the rule of law – secular law – wherever they may live. The necessity for this now in Israel is obvious. To deprive children of Jewish and Muslim descent in any country of full legal protection because of their lineage amounts to a most perverse kind of prejudice against those children. As for any attempt by real anti-Semites to latch onto this issue, that would be denounced publicly. But then real anti-Semites are not usually the people keen to protect Jewish children from harm, and real anti-Semites would probably like nothing better than continuance of a practice that stokes anti-Jewish feelings and for generation after generation inflicts suffering on Jewish boys. Children’s right to physical integrity should be what Israeli parliamentarians defend – rather than a brutal anachronism.”

Victor Shoenfeld, Circumcision – defending the indefensible, Jerusalem Post, 01/22/2014


Jewish Eliyahu Ungar-Sargon in Tefiillin

 Eliyahu Ungar-Sargon: Facebook Campaign Protests AAP Circumcision Policy


“There is a small but growing movement of Jewish parents who reject ritual circumcision, and I think it’s going to spread fast because they’re saying out loud what so many Jewish parents are thinking: ‘Why?’ And this, I believe, is the best answer to the problem: Stand up for your kid and say no. If you fear and abhor the ritual, don’t let anyone perform it on him. He’ll still be Jewish if you raise him Jewish – whatever anyone says.”

Larry Derfner, Stand up for your son: Say ‘no’ to ritual circumcision, 972mag

“Hard though it may be to hear, irreversibly removing a healthy body part – in this case, part of a boy’s genitals – without consent, violates a person’s right to bodily integrity, a cornerstone of post-Holocaust human rights law. It also undermines that child’s right to an open future….
Supporters of circumcision also say it’s an ancient, meaningful practice. But neither longevity nor meaning is usually accepted as sufficient moral justification to override individual rights. As one Orthodox Jewish father, Elie Jesner, puts it, “Mankind has been doing horrendous things for thousands of years: slavery, capital punishment, condemning homosexuals, oppressing women. That is not a club of actions I want to be part of.”
From a Jewish perspective, there are other issues. First, circumcision does not confer Jewish status. As Shaye Cohen, professor of Hebrew literature and philosophy at Harvard University, explains, “Male and female offspring of a Jewish mother are Jewish by birth under Jewish law; the male offspring are Jewish by birth even if they are left uncircumcised.” Second, biblical circumcision was not as extensive as today’s variant, which is actually an innovation of rabbis in the Hellenic period trying to stop Jewish men from restoring their foreskins. Evidently, definitional Jewish practices can and have evolved.

Given all of this, it’s not surprising that some Jews are questioning the practice. A 2006 online survey reported in Haaretz found that nearly a third of parents of boys would prefer to forgo circumcision, but have it done primarily for social reasons. Israel is now home to the intact support group Kahal, while in the United States, Beyond the Bris and Jews Against Circumcisionhave sprung up.

Jews who question circumcision from the point of view of human rights and medical ethics should be respected, not demonized. But all critics of circumcision must be vigilant about the company they keep, distancing themselves from anyone not exclusively motivated by child protection. There is no place for anti-Semitic arguments or imagery…

Meanwhile, the Council of Europe should stand firm. If it backs down and denies some children their rights because their parents adhere to the Jewish tradition, it would single out only those children for lack of protection. Now that really would be anti-Semitic.
Dr. Rebecca Steinfeld, It cuts both ways: A Jew argues for child rights over religious circumcision, Haaretz, Nov. 26, 2013.

“Israeli circumcision critic Eran Sadeh (featured in the above news broadcast) has been working hard to educate Jewish people in Israel about the downsides to foreskin removal. He is the founder of the Israeli group Gonnen Al Hayeled (Protect the Child) and he is also a Beyond the Bris contributing writer. There can be no doubt that Sadeh’s advocacy is playing a large role in getting Israeli parents to think critically about this once universally accepted tradition.”

Circumcision In Israel Not Taken For Granted Anymore,

”After my exposure to the information regarding circumcision, I refuse to mutilate my baby. I don’t have the right and I do not agree! He was born whole and he will stay whole! His integrity is his full right! The Religious Court has no right to do that! No one in the whole world is authorized to force me to mutilate my son, to cut his penis!… In particular, religious oppression, unnecessary cutting of the penis of a helpless baby? A non-reversible surgical operation! A foreskin does not renew itself!

The baby can not express his own will. The right to decide is his alone. It is his body! The right, is not mine, nor anyone else’s in the entire world, but his own only!”[

Elinor, Israeli Mom, Jewish Mom Makes Intactivist Case in Israel.


“When my beloved son was born I didn’t circumcise him. It was an easy and natural step, which I saw as an expression of my existence as a free man.
I’m opposed to circumcision, and also have reservations about the use of the term ‘brit milah’ (‘covenant of circumcision’). It involves cutting the infant’s sexual organ, and I am opposed to the cutting of the sexual organs of boys and girls. Until now, I have naturally focused my efforts at persuasion on the population of secular parents. After all, it’s quite strange that people without any religious faith anxiously keep track of every heartbeat of their infant in the womb, run with him to the monitor, sonogram and every possible pregnancy test, guard him carefully from the moment of his birth – and then hasten to cut his sexual organ.

The ‘Jewish circumcision,’ however, is performed by a mohel who is not necessarily a doctor, and always without anesthesia. This is an invasive and brutal act – abuse of a helpless infant, which I am certain will be outlawed in the future… According to Jewish law, a Jew is someone born to a Jewish mother and, according to a more progressive approach, anyone who sees himself as belonging to the Jewish people. There were periods and communities in Jewish history in which circumcision was not practiced – from the days of ancient Egypt up to the Communist bloc. Moses was opposed to circumcision and didn’t circumcise his son, and the Children of Israel crossed the Jordan into Canaan uncircumcised.

Circumcision does not determine that a person is Jewish, and non-circumcision does not determine that a person is not Jewish. So to come and claim that the preservation of Jewish identity rises and falls with the cutting of the sexual organs of infants? That this is the most basic symbol that guarantees the survival of Jewish society? That this is the strongest tie connecting the Jewish people to itself and its God? More than faith? More than the Torah and the Ten Commandments? More than the State of Israel and the Land of Israel?

In light of such groundless claims, both religious and nonreligious Jews should start asking themselves questions.”

Uri Misgav, Let’s talk about circumcision. The idea that Judaism is inextricably linked to circumcision must be challenged and corrected. Haaretz, Jan. 2, 2014.

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