UN Reprimands France and Ireland for Intersex Genital Mutilation

Human Genital Mutilation (HGM) at the hands of Surgeons. Authorities around the world are being made aware of the plight of intersex people who have had, or are under threat of, unwanted corrective surgery as children…

“This marks the first time that the Committee reprimanded two States over IGM practices at once, again recognising non-consensual, medically unnecessary, irreversible, cosmetic genital surgeries and other procedures on intersex children as a “harmful practice” and as “violence against children”.

“The Committee notes as positive the adoption of the Gender Recognition Act of 2015 by the State party. However, the Committee remains concerned about cases of medically unnecessary surgeries and other procedures on intersex children before they are able to provide their informed consent, which often entail irreversible consequences and can cause severe physical and psychological suffering, and the lack of redress and compensation in such cases.”

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