A ‘right’ parents shouldn’t have: Ending circumcision

In depth look at the rise of Intactivism in the USA …

“In America today, only one sex is protected from forced genital cutting. After all, that is what the circumcision of children is — forced. There is no way a minor can give informed or meaningful consent to the elective procedure.”


Click for full article: A ‘right’ parents shouldn’t have: Ending circumcision


2 thoughts on “A ‘right’ parents shouldn’t have: Ending circumcision

  1. Thank you for putting this fantastic collection of resources together. I will be using many of them as references for the update of my own book. I was one of the founding “pioneers” in questioning and opposing circumcision of non-consenting infants and children. Here is the link to my website (which also includes the link to my book “Circumcision: The Painful Dilemma”). Please feel free to use any or all of my writings as references. Keep up the good work. http://peacefulbeginningsrosemary.wordpress.com


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