Maajid Nawaz questions ritual genital cutting of innocent children …

British Pakistani man from a Muslim background defends his humanitarian decision not to inflict genital wounds on his son as was done to him… Some woman with more hairspray than sense bleats about Jewish identity being defined by genital mutilation in the background …

Maajid Nawaz has compassion and dignity – the harpy encourages genital cutting …

Sky TV clip of interview …





Various Distress Cries From Infant Boys: Hunger, Nappy Change Needed, Drive Through Car Wash, Foreskin Hacked Off Without Pain Relief or Consent.

I could only listen to this once…


Little wee babies and their different cries. Which one doesn’t sound like the rest


“It Hurts!”

The Bloodstained Men, Intactivists, interview Barbara, a USA nurse, who has assisted in many circumcisions … “It Hurts!”

“A nurse saw our protest and stopped to thank us for speaking out against circumcision.”

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UK Intactivist Questions MGM : Phones NSPCC and Police

There is no doubt that this shocking ritual involving ripping back a babies foreskin slicing it off and then sucking the bloody wound does not belong in a modern society. I for one am glad that people are contacting the NSPCC (UK National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children), and Police.

Children die from MGM. It is nothing to do with religious freedom – only the cycle of abuse that the parents find themselves in. Counselling needs to be given to religious cult sects that do genital mutilation, especially parents, advising them that they are mutilating their children.

Chrisy Morris – UK Intactivist

Metzitzah B’peh. Talking to the NSPCC.


POLICE AND NSPCC ARE TAKE THIS ON AS A CRIME (should have from the start). After a long chat with a fella that brought it to my attention the baby we was concerned about will have things put into place to ensure no harm comes to them. Follow up video soon…..


The Israeli Health Ministry against applying direct Metzitzah B’Peh (oral suction of circumcision wound)

Intactivist Jews Increasingly Vocal In Israel