Hibo Wardere, British Somali anti FGM Intactivist: ‘There’s no way to describe the pain of FGM’

Hibo Wardere, British Somali Mother, is an ardent campaigner for preventing FGM in the UK. She speaks frankly about her own experience, her work, and the current situation for girls at risk in the UK.

BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour 21/4/2016 (Either link will work in the UK – The BBC does impose restrictions on international WWW users and also removes content)



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Israel: Eritrean Woman Held for Home Circumcision of Four-year-old Son

An Lady living in Israel attempts HGM (Human Genital Mutilation) on her little boy – a home circumcision.

“An Eritrean woman living in Eilat has been arrested on suspicion of personally performing a circumcision on her four-year-old son.
The boy’s nursery school teacher called police and welfare authorities after examining the boy when she saw him limp, and saw that he suffered an injury to his penis.

He was taken to hospital, released later the same day and placed in foster care, in addition to his siblings.

Police then went to arrest the boy’s mother, who has said that what she did is an acceptable tradition in Eritrea.”

Full Article: Haaretz Israel