Circumcision Is Unethical and Unlawful.

American academic paper which raises all the main issues. Things are beginning to change in the USA. I hope to see all children, boys,girls, and intersex, protected from genital mutilation. The law and medical ethics should be applied without gender bias. If society can override the wishes of irrational religious people concerning gay marriage – then secular law should protect all children from religious blood rites. It is a sad condemnation of western society that the feelings of adults are addressed before the harm to children. Religion has no right to demand genital mutilation of boys – and everyone in society needs to wake up to this. People who promote this should be treated like people who promote FGM. Equality for boys.



Amnesty International and The Battle over Male Circumcision

Intactivist’s effort to get Amnesty to act on MGM buried …

Mika Venhola, Paediatric Surgeon: Intersex Children – why operate?

“Why operate on the child’s body if the problem is in the minds of the adults?”
~Mika Venhola, Paediatric Surgeon, MD, PhD, Assistant Chief, Dept of Pediatric Surgery, Oulu University Hospital, Finland

Ten Horrifically Botched Circumcisions

Harrowing reading. Anyone who has seen a male leap around after catching himself in his trouser zipper will be able to imagine the unnecessary pain and mutilation involved.

Circumcision is one of the most common and historic surgical procedures in the world, dating as far back as ancient Egypt. Like any medical procedure, there can be serious risks involved which are often overlooked given the innumerable rate of success. But when these errors do occur, the results are not only physically devastating, but psychologically and emotionally traumatizing as well. Sometimes, people’s lives are damaged forever . . . if they’re lucky enough to survive.

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USA Urologist: “Female Genital Mutilation,” “Circumcision,” “Gender-Conforming Surgery”: Why the Double Standard?

Brilliant article by Doctor with experience of working with HGM …

“… Female genital mutilation is a horrific practice. The genital cutting of children across all genders is far more similar than it is different. It is great that the world is recognizing the harms of female genital mutilation and is enacting protection to help end it. But boys and intersex children are being mutilated, too, and that mutilation is being justified by the medical profession.

Wake up, world. No one deserves to have their genitals cut, removed, or altered in any way without their consent.”

Click for full article: “Female Genital Mutilation,” “Circumcision,” “Gender-Conforming Surgery”: Why the Double Standard?

The First Cut Blog Poll – UK Legislation to prevent body modification of children; Yes or No?

“Body modification” would include all forms of HGM (Human Genital Mutilation), FGM, MGM (Male Circumcision) done for cultural reasons, IGM (Intersex Genital Mutilation – Doctors assigning gender to intersex children), breast binding or cosmetic enlargement and tattoos.


Historian Frederick Hodges on the History of Circumcision in the Western World

Historian Frederick Hodges lectured on the History of Circumcision in the Western World at the Fourth International Symposium on Sexual Mutilations at the University of Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland – August 9, 1996.