Should Sky TV have shown a news report about FGM in Puntland, Somalia? UK Anti-FGM Activists think not… why not?

It is best to watch the article – there are no explicit scenes of cutting –


Me: I watched Sky News’ report on FGM in Puntland, Somalia. For people who have no idea about FGM – like most UK natives – it was informative. The reporter stated that Sky tried to persuade the Mother not to do it. Sky informed the local Police – who were not interested as there is no law against FGM in Puntland. They covered the terrible consequences for the girls. They hid the identity of the girl. They covered the campaign to legislate against FGM in Puntland. For someone like Hibo Wardere, it must be deeply upsetting to watch this report as it must bring back memories one would rather not have, but I would say that the program will raise awareness. I… think their report fair – remember most people in the UK have no idea what goes on in connection with FGM.
Anti-FGM Activist: “There are other ways to raise awareness… This is a form of child abuse, do you advocate sky news filming other forms of child abuse, just so we’re all clear on what goes on? I completely and utterly disagree that this was necessary to raise awareness. I work with Hibo and have seen first hand how she educates people who had no idea about fgm. No more girls lives need to be ruined!”
Me: Sky will reach many people – it would take many Hibos working for many years to reach as many people. I agree that perhaps their title is misleading “Activists Edge Closer ….” and yet the video content is more about the poor girl. If you read their web page about the report, however, it is very positive about the fight for FGM legislation in the Puntland region, and not sensationalist …
Anti-FGM Activist: “Funnily enough I understand how mass media works… but thank you for taking the time to explain it to me. But instead if patronising me, why don’t you answer my question, would you advocate the filming of other acts of violence/abuse, just as long it was presented as part of a campaign to end that particular form of violence/ abuse?”
Me: Should we stop reporting wars and not show the devastation and suffering? Is not Hibo Wardere‘s book a form of sensationalism – I hope the profits are going to charity… the graphic used to illustrate the front of Hibo Wardere‘s book is in my view sensationalist – the very thing you are accusing Sky News of. Hypocracy indeed.

Somali Born FGM Victims Condemn MGM

These ladies, victims of a cutting culture, see things as they are – genital mutilation is just that – cutting any child, boy, girl, or intersex, is a gross disregard of human rights….




Hibo Wardere, British Somali anti FGM Intactivist: ‘There’s no way to describe the pain of FGM’

Hibo Wardere, British Somali Mother, is an ardent campaigner for preventing FGM in the UK. She speaks frankly about her own experience, her work, and the current situation for girls at risk in the UK.

BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour 21/4/2016 (Either link will work in the UK – The BBC does impose restrictions on international WWW users and also removes content)

See also: Campaigner attacked on bus ‘for warning pupils that FGM is child abuse’


Campaigner attacked on bus ‘for warning pupils that FGM is child abuse’

UK April 2016, A passionate Intactivist abused on a bus for being outspoken about Human Genital Mutilation which she had suffered as a child in Somalia..

Hibo Wardere
Hibo Wardere

“Hibo Wardere, 46, who fled Somalia’s civil war at the age of 18 having suffered FGM aged six, has made it her life’s work to educate and speak frankly about the brutal surgery which affects 200 million women in 30 countries…

The mother-of-seven from Walthamstow told the Standard how after speaking at one local school a child realised she had undergone FGM and confided in a teacher. “It broke my heart into a million pieces,” she said. “It takes real courage to stand up at such a young age and seek help, especially against the wishes of your family.”

But the Somalian’s outspoken approach and refusal to sugar-coat the  topic with young children has made her the target of attacks.

She said: “I had a scary confrontation on the 257 bus in Walthamstow. A woman with a full niqab recognised me and ran at me screaming my name and snarling, ‘You came to my child’s school, you told her FGM was abuse.’

“I could only see her eyes but they were full of rage. She was so angry she had to be dragged off the bus, but I was jumping for joy inside because that meant a child had confronted their parent.”

Click for full article: Campaigner attacked on bus ‘for warning pupils that FGM is child abuse’

Michel Hervé Bertaux-Navoiseau on HGM

French Sociopsychoanalyst, Psychohistorian, Author of “Feminine and masculine sexual mutilation, the greatest crime against humanity”,   and of numerous articles about Human Genital Mutilation.

Academia, many articles: Michel Hervé Bertaux-Navoiseau on HGM (Human Genital Mutilation)

‘I Thought Everyone In Britain Underwent FGM’

How isolated religious or ethnic communities or families can persuade a young person that Human Genital Mutilation is normal – even in a western society such as the UK.

“When Najma moved to England after fleeing Somalia to escape persecution from the Al-Shabaab terrorist organisation, she just assumed everyone in Britain underwent female genital mutilation (FGM). “I wondered if the girls here got stitched up,” she says. Najma underwent the procedure when she was 11 years old. “I was taken to the room that I shared with my mum, and asked to lie down, my face towards the sky. I was held by three women, one holding the upper part of my body, and two pulling my legs apart.”

Click for full article: ‘I Thought Everyone In Britain Underwent FGM’. This Young Woman Is Speaking Out About The Barbaric Practice

Must Read Breaking News … HGM “Human Genital Mutilation” an Inclusive Term

The Nordic Countries often lead the way on human rights issues. Morten Frisch, MD, Denmark has refused to sign a petition concerning FGM – He points out the world should aim to stop HGM (Human Genital Mutilation) an inclusive term that includes all unnecessary genital surgery on all children irrespective of sex, which might be male, female or intersex.

HGM! This must be the way to go… FGM legislation has been a failure in th UK and USA – how can you tell a family “Do what you like with your son’s genitals  – but touch your daughter’s genitals and we’ll lock you up!”

HGM also encompasses the plight of many intersex individuals whose physical gender has been decided by well meaning or curious Surgeons – without informed consent from the people concerned …

It is said the simplest innovations are often the best … I think we’ll be hearing a lot more of this term… “HGM” it is a step forward in greater understanding for all people.

Thank you, Morten Frisch.

“Dear friends in Avaaz
I have signed several of your well-argued human rights based campaigns in the past. This time, however, where your focus is on banning female genital cutting in Somalia, I have decided not to sign.

Here’s why. Like you, I’m grossly offended by such gruesome acts of violence as those you are now protesting against in Somalia. Whenever I sign a petition, however, I do so believing that my signature, in combination with tens of thousands of cosignatories from all over the world, will have a fair chance of making a difference.

With respect to ending female genital cutting by signing petitions, which I have done repeatedly in the past, I simply do not have faith in the project any longer.

Medically unnecessary surgery on healthy children’s genitals is ethically unacceptable and constitutes both parental and medical malpractice regardless of the sex of the offended child. In no country worldwide is female genital cutting practised without boys in the same culture also being cut.

As long as people in power, notably religious leaders, international donors, politicians, doctors, and parents, continue to endorse the practice of forced genital cutting of boys, any fight in the same culture to put female genital cutting to an end will be in vain. No one will ever be able to lastingly convince anyone with a strong cultural tradition for cutting girls that such genital surgery is a despicable act of power, for as long as it remains socially accepted in the same culture to hold defenceless boys down and cut off a sensitive and functional part of their penises. This is why I decided not to sign your petition; I simply don’t trust that it has the potential to change anything.
… As mentioned, I support a lot of your initiatives. And I share your hopes that female genital cutting will come to an end. I wish you every success in reaching your goal of 500,000 signatures, and I would be delighted to learn that I was wrong, and that your petition really made a difference for girls in Somalia. I just don’t think your many signatures will matter much for the cultural reasons outlined above. If they want to, people who disagree with me on this can follow this link and add their name to your petition:
I hope you read this in the positive vein it was written. At some point in the future, I should be delighted to learn about a powerful gender-neutral campaign from you, which condemns all kinds of non-consensual, non-therapeutic genital cutting worldwide. A one-eyed focus on the right to bodily integrity for only one sex is simply no longer appropriate.
Sincerely, Morten Frisch, MD, Copenhagen, Denmark”

Click for link to Morten’s Facebook Post

Huffington Post, Morten Frisch: Time for U.S. Parents to Reconsider the Acceptability of Infant Male Circumcision

Practical Ethics Oxford Uni’ Debate Female genital mutilation (FGM) and male circumcision: should there be a separate ethical discourse?