Why cutting ANY child’s genitals is wrong: female, male, or intersex

Brian Erp is Associate Director of the Yale-Hastings Program in Ethics and Health Policy at Yale University and The Hastings Center Bioethics Research Institute, and a Research Fellow in the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics at the University of Oxford.

He covers very well the modern international situation and legal and ethical dilemmas in this Youtube video.

Recent court cases in England and the United States have highlighted a paradox in the current legal treatment of female, male, and intersex children with respect to the protections they are afforded against medically unnecessary genital cutting. In particular, there are legally prohibited forms of female genital cutting (such as the so-called ritual ‘nick’) that are less invasive or risky than permitted forms of male and intersex genital cutting, creating a “collision course” for law and policy in the immediate future.

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Fox TV: Megyn Kelly and Georganne Chapin debate Circumcision

UK viewers will not understand the first comment as the decision to circumcise is not a common one in the UK – you either abuse your child in this way because your religion, Islam or Orthodox Judaism, demands it – or you don’t even think about it – as the vast majority of native Britons born since the formation of the NHS (National Health Service) don’t think about it. Routine infant circumcision, MGM, was recognised as of no medical value and therefore not funded in the newly formed NHS in 1940s Britain.

Debate from 2015 (4 minutes). “African studies”, “30%”, and several other “facts” need to be checked and will be found lacking, as is the banner claiming MGM reduces the risk of penile cancer – penile cancer is extremely rare.

It is a bit silly asking a Jewish or Muslim Doctor to comment fairly on this issue. Fox should have got a non-religious Doctor to comment as well or instead of. Religious precedent for parents’ “preferences” soon crops up in the debate which was originally about rights of the child and possible medical benefits or lack thereof. Although religious precedent suggests many barbaric things concerning non heterosexual relationships modern Jews do not do them – why should MGM be different – why abuse children?




Amnesty International and The Battle over Male Circumcision

Intactivist’s effort to get Amnesty to act on MGM buried …

2016, May: Death of boy in Gaza during circumcision.

Death is a male circumcision “complication”…

No one should have the “right” to impose this procedure on another.

The distraught man is very upset because his son died due to negligence while the doctor was performing a circumcision on the boy. He is blaming the doctor for his tragic death.


2016 Zimbabwe: Circumcision goes terribly wrong. . . as boy dies during procedure.

London 2007 Police probe death of baby after circumcision

2015 Ontario newborn bleeds to death after family doctor persuades parents to get him circumcised

2012 UK : Manchester baby boy ‘bled to death after circumcision’

Mika Venhola, Paediatric Surgeon: Intersex Children – why operate?

“Why operate on the child’s body if the problem is in the minds of the adults?”
~Mika Venhola, Paediatric Surgeon, MD, PhD, Assistant Chief, Dept of Pediatric Surgery, Oulu University Hospital, Finland

14 Year Old Boy Whose Father is Jewish Protests MGM

It is telling that children see justice more easily than adults. Sex education should be a right for all children irrespective of their parents’ religious prudery. The function of the foreskin should be included and a knowledge of genital mutilation. All children, girls, boys, and inter gender, need protection from unnecessary genital surgery. Children’s rights – not parents’ rites or medical meddling …

May 2016: Fourteen-Year-Old Boy Protests against Circumcision at the ACOG Annual Symposium (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) on May 16, 2016. His father is Jewish. He is there with two of his sisters, including a younger one who is only 12. He is very glad that he was left intact and has all his genitalia!

Gay circumcision ‘intactivist’ dies after long battle with depression (VIDEO)


Very sad that Jonathon Conte, such a caring member of humanity, decided to take his own life … He inspired many people, both at home and internationally, through his activism in trying to end genital mutilation of children …

Jonathon: Motivations of an Intactivist

2011 : Jonathon Conte discusses his awakening understanding about genital integrity and autonomy, developing skills for talking with people about the issue, and how it affects everyone.

“Jonathon Conte spent his life protesting male circumcision in minors. The lifetime advocate was a visible face in the world of “intactivism” – the campaign for the end of routine male circumcision. Conte said the act – which sees four out of five men in the United States circumcised as infants – as a “blatant human rights violation”.

www.pinknews.co.uk, click for full article: Gay circumcision ‘intactivist’ dies after long battle with depression