Circumcision & Jewish Identity

This Lady explains how genital cutting should not be a part of modern Judaism.


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UK.Gov Petition to ban child MGM

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“Protect boys: ban male circumcision for under-18s on non-medical grounds.”

“A girl’s genitals are no more sacrosanct than those of the world’s men. Fight the double standard on circumcision. Bodies are born, made as they were made to be made: there is no place in the modern world for doctor, state or faith to interfere: it is time to ban male circumcision for under 18s.


1) The Swedish Medical Association recommended 12 as a minimum age for male circumcision and requiring a boy’s consent.
2) The Human Rights Council also states that each child has a right to determine his or her own future. Parents may direct, not determine, a child’s choices in life.
3) Anand & Scalzo, 2000
4) Hammond, 1999
5) Earp, 2013 “Female genital mutilation (FGM) and male circumcision: Should there be a separate ethical discourse?”


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  • Deadline1 May 2016 All petitions run for 6 months”