Supporting The Case For Cutting Little Boys

Witty and cynical …

The Screen

This is a sensitive subject that many people will probably not agree with, but its corner needs to be fought, its arguments heard. A blight is hitting the bodies of young boys the world over and it needs to be removed, surgically. This blight, rather obviously, is fingernails.

There are many reasons to surgically remove a young boy’s fingernails and so very few arguments standing against. The ability to have the debate is often plighted by dark clouds of anger and personal feelings, heated rhetoric and empty yelling. Hopefully, through careful analysis and detailed examination we can dispel any and all myths and mysteries enveloping the issue of surgically removing a young boy’s fingernails.

For many this practice is deeply ingrained in their religion and cultural identity, that to take this practice, this rite, away from them would be to take away a human right. This cannot be…

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