New Autism Dispute: Is Circumcision a Factor?

Time Magazine article. This was a large study. The premise seems valid… Peer reviews … Has any study been made on girls who have suffered FGM/Female Circumcision?

Human Genital Mutilation, MGM covered in TIME. Trauma is associated with autism. Ripping back, separating the fused flesh (males’ foreskins are fused to the penis until puberty) and slicing the foreskin off a baby involves trauma – effective pain control is not possible without risk – so many infants are cut without anaesthetic. Ritual cutting has no pain relief.

“Even though TIME relies on criticism from a notorious pro-circumcision fanatic, and pulls its punches at the end, this is an extremely important piece.”

” … Dr. Morten Frisch is a Danish epidemiologist who led a study examining the link between circumcision and ASD. The study, published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, found that boys who undergo circumcision are more likely to be diagnosed with autism by age 9. “Considering the widespread practice of non-therapeutic circumcision in infancy and childhood around the world,” the study states, “confirmatory studies should be given priority.”

And indeed, some studies do suggest that any pain early in life can have lasting effects on brain development… “


Time Magazine, click for full article: New Autism Dispute: Is Circumcision a Factor?

Surprising Study Finds That Babies Feel Pain Like Adults

Circumcision doubles autism risk?


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