Circumcising My Son Is My Biggest Parenting Regret

More Mothers are questioning routine infant circumcision, and realising that it is really not needed, cruel, and is Human Genital Mutilation (HGM) …

“I couldn’t believe it when the nurse told us that, as a practice, they did not recommend circumcision. It’s been over six years since that moment. I’ve learned so much since then, but that day in the hospital I knew absolutely nothing. The nurse was prepared to take our son to be circumcised for us, if we wished, but she wanted to be sure that we knew we had the choice to make. If I had just had time to do research, I might have learned how horrifying the procedure was that I was about to let them do to my newborn baby. But I didn’t, and we told the doctors to go ahead.

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It tears me up to think of the pain that we elected to put our son through. It was completely unnecessary. And then, weeks later, as his body tried to repair itself, a pediatrician would have to pull the healing skin back again, essentially a second circumcision. I am literally in tears when I consider the fact that infants feel pain just like we do, and even have a lower pain threshold. God gave him to us perfect, and in our ignorance, we wounded him… “

Click for full article: Circumcising My Son Is My Biggest Parenting Regret


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