UK: Men Do Complain on BBC Radio 2, The Jeremy Vine Show

The topic of MGM is being covered on mainstream radio …

Politicians in the UK, like other European countries, just don’t want to front up to the religious parents who want to carve up their kids. There’s a large Muslim vote, very influential Jewish media and political representation, and Politicians seek kudos by being ever more politically correct in pandering to these voices.

Most native Brit’s have the attitude “I don’t do it – if religious people want to cut their children that’s up to them – I am not going to make a fuss because I don’t want to be perceived as being anti Semitic or islamophobic” There are also many who don’t want FGM to be compared to MGM as they see GM as a female oppression issue only..

If female British Somalis were influential bankers, politicians, or media moguls or had five million votes then FGM would still be legal in the UK too… The situation is a real unjust paradox – GM is GM – no matter the gender of the child or culture of their parents.



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