Family doctor ‘repeatedly bungled baby’s religious circumcision then tried to bribe family into not taking action’

Some claim that MGM is trivial – but often it’s not …

“A family doctor who repeatedly bungled a religious circumcision on a two-month-old baby tried to bribe the child’s family into dropping a damages claim against him, it has been alleged. Dr Muhammad Chaudhary was being sued for compensation after he botched the £150 procedure.  The 52-year-old then then failed to repair the damage with up to four further operations, and the family launched a civil claim against him.
A medical tribunal heard claims of how Dr Chaudhary then began pestering the grandfather of the boy at a restaurant he owned. It was claimed that the doctor began handing out gifts and offering to pay the family’s legal costs and private school fees for the child. The medic even tried to use the strict Muslim family’s faith against them as he tried to halt the investigation, writing in a letter: “Litigation in Muslim culture is not usually a route to adopt especially in ritual matters.”

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