Court’s circumcision ruling welcomed by secular medic

Excellent article from The Freethinker …

“Dr Antony Lempert , above, of the Secular Medical Forum, has welcomed a High Court judge’s ruling against a ‘controlling and violent’ Muslim who wanted his children circumcised.

After Mrs Justice Roberts said that the boys should be able to make the choice themselves, Lempert described the ruling as a small but:

Welcome step towards safeguarding children from forced genital cutting.

Religious requirements, he added:

Should not be allowed to override a person’s most fundamental right to grow up with an intact body and to make their own choices about permanent bodily modifications. It is a procedure that permanently removes healthy, erogenous and functional tissue from the most intimate part of a person’s body without that person’s consent and for no medical reason.

That it should take a parental disagreement in court for a child to be protected from forced genital cutting remains a serious concern from a child safeguarding perspective.”

Click for full article: Court’s circumcision ruling welcomed by secular medic

See also: National Secular Society: Secular medics welcome religious circumcision ruling

UK, April 2016,Guardian: The law will not end infant circumcisions, but education just might

UK April 2016, Telegraph: Should religious circumcision be banned?

UK April 2016: Muslim father loses circumcision court battle over sons


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