UK, April 2016,Guardian: The law will not end infant circumcisions, but education just might

In response to the article I tried to post the comment below to the Guardian’s WWW comment page for this article.  PC police stifling free speech:
“This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted. For more detail see our FAQs.”

Comment Posted:

Although “Holy” books have been used to justify slavery, misogyny, and persecution of gay men, the western world’s secular law has legislated to protect people from slavery, and strives to give women equal rights and has sanctioned gay marriage. Our secular law protects girls from FGM, and female clitoral hood circumcision by nicking or removal is directly comparable to MGM (Male Genital Mutilation).

While male children have died in the UK from MGM no female ones have – yet girls are protected but not boys. FGM has been banned in spite of its cultural significance to some people.

The current situation makes a Somali Mother who attempts FGM on her daughter a criminal but allows her Husband to cut their son. Male  Jews and Muslims can cut their sons but Somali Mothers can’t cut their daughters. The legislation appears both sexist and discriminatory on cultural grounds too.

It is surely time to protect all children from HGM (Human Genital Mutilation). Boys from ritual circumcision and intersex children from premature medical intervention resulting in incorrect gender assignment. Surely all babies are Atheists?

Children’s rights are more important than parents’ rites. What if the child grows up to not follow their parent’s religion – the child will have been maimed in vain!


“The father of the two boys, aged six and four, had applied for a court order to compel their mother to have the boys circumcised in accordance with his Muslim faith. The mother, from whom he is separated, successfully persuaded the court to allow the boys to mature to an age where they could make their own decision about their religious and bodily preferences. While the ruling in this case is specific to the individual circumstances, the case is not unique. Last year in Florida, a similar court case ruled the other way, obliging Heather Hironimus, a mother, to surrender care of her four-year-old boy to his father to arrange his circumcision. She initially refused, disappearing into hiding in a domestic violence refuge for three months before being located and then jailed for nine days until finally, sobbing loudly and still shackled in handcuffs, she signed the release papers. It is reported that the boy was circumcised last November.

Across the world, attitudes towards routine or ritual infant circumcision are changing. In the US, where circumcision rates were once close to 90%, the latest surveys show that only slightly more than half of newborn boys are now cut. That is expected to become a clear minority within a generation…”

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