More Than 130 Rabbis Offer ‘Brit Shalom’ For Intact Jewish Sons

Modern American Judaism is seeking alternatives to genital mutilation for welcoming a baby to this world …
If you need more evidence that a new generation of young American Jewish parents are bypassing circumcision and keeping their sons intact, while still honouring their Judaism, here it is. A list of Rabbis and other Jewish leaders who perform a bris, without circumcision has grown to record numbers. Over 215 officiants are now available, all over the world, to perform the peaceful welcoming event for Jewish parents. More than 130 of these are rabbis. Many of these officiants are members of the Reform, Humanistic, Renewal, and Reconstructionist Jewish movements. Not all of the officiants on the list are opposed to circumcision, but many are. Several Rabbis on the list have intact grandsons, much to the surprise of many, a couple even have intact sons themselves.

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