Foreskin: The Most Under Appreciated Body Part of Them All?

Adrienne Carmack, MD, American Urologist discusses the foreskin – she points out just what is lost to MGM …

“The foreskin is not “skin.” A look at a section of foreskin tissue under the microscope shows us its make-up. This science, called histology, outlines the five layers of this highly erogenous tissue. On the outside are two layers resembling skin, epithelium covering dermis. Underneath this is dartos muscle, which allows the skin of the male genitalia to slide over the underlying tissues, allowing for effective and enjoyable sexual encounters. Next is lamina propria and mucosa, which is like the tissue found on the inside of the eyelid or labia minora. This tissue serves to moisturize and protect, and keeps the head of the penis from becoming keratinized, like the nail bed would if the overlying nail was removed.

I learned at the Symposium that the vast majority of medical and nursing textbooks do not depict the foreskin’s layers or its contents accurately, if they even show a foreskin in their illustrations at all. The foreskin is highly erogenous tissue, and histology also shows us that it contains extensive nerve endings and touch receptors, such as Meissner’s corpuscles. It also contains protective immune system cells that prevent infections. For an in depth description of foreskin, read more in the article “The prepuce,” published in the British Journal of Urology.”

Click for full article: Foreskin: The Most Under Appreciated Body Part of Them All?

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