What is the NSPCC position on MGM?

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) is one of the UK’s leading charities.

While having a clear policy about FGM there seems to be little concern from the NSPCC  for boys’ genital integrity…

“An email exchange between Richard Duncker of Men Do Complain and the NSPCC’s chairman, Mark Wood, shows that the NSPCC couldn’t care less about this unnecessary and cruel procedure being inflicted on so many male minors in the UK every year:

Dear Mr Duncker,

Thank you for your email  and I hope that the following helps clarify our position.

Male circumcision is not usually illegal or considered a child protection matter. We do understand that some parents see male circumcision as in the best interests of their child, but we also recognise that this practice is capable of causing injury. We therefore urge parents in practising communities to take all necessary steps to ensure their child does not suffer in any way.

We support the ethical and legal advice given by the British Medical Association in 2006, namely that children who are able to express views about circumcision should be involved in the decision-making process; consent for circumcision is valid only where the people (or person) giving consent have the authority to do so and understand the implications and risks; both parents must give consent for non-therapeutic circumcision and where people with parental responsibility for a child disagree about whether he should be circumcised, doctors should not circumcise the child without the leave of a court.

Kind regards,

Mark Wood,

NSPCC Chairman”


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