USA Children’s Doctors Association Revises Opinion on HGM: AAP waves white flag as Vikings storm fortress circumcision

USA Doctors are having to accept that routine HGM (Human Genital Mutilation) of boys is not desirable from a medical point of view …

“Astonishing admissions from American Academy of Pediatrics

In response to this devastating avalanche of scientific evidence, the AAP has more or less conceded that its 2012 circumcision policy was not really concerned with the medical case for circumcision at all, but with cultural and religious issues. In an editorial accompanying the Sneppen/Thorup paper, Andrew Freedman, a member of the circumcision policy taskforce, makes the following amazing admissions:

  • Circumcision is basically and usually a religious or cultural preference on the part of the parents, not a medical decision.
  • Parents and medical advisers use medical evidence selectively to bolster their prior ideological positions on circumcision.
  • We did not recommend circumcision.
  • Circumcision is not necessary for optimum health.
  • Underlying aim of 2012 circumcision policy was to counter proposals to prohibit non-therapeutic circumcision of minors.
  • “Given the role of the phallus in our culture”, it is legitimate to consider non-medical factors in the circumcision decision.
  • Not all penises have to look the same.
  • The risk/benefit equation we devised (“benefits outweigh risks”) is applicable and relevant only to those who have non-medical (cultural, religious, social) reasons for circumcision.

Source: Andrew Freedman, The circumcision debate: Beyond benefits and risks. Pediatrics 137 (5), May 2016. Advance access 6 April 2016.”


Click for full article: AAP waves white flag as Vikings storm fortress circumcision


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