Surprising Study Finds That Babies Feel Pain Like Adults

Is it really that surprising that babies feel pain like everyone else …

Ritual circumcision at eight days, or medical circumcision as done in the  USA sometimes earlier, is not done with anaesthetic …

Any male who has caught his penis in a zipper will have some idea how painful an infant genital cutting, circumcision, must be … Some researchers suggest that the trauma involved can cause PTSD and autism …

See also: Circumcision Permanently Alters the Brain,

Circumcision doubles autism risk?

“Many doctors believe babies’ brains are not developed enough to feel pain, but a surprising new study suggests this may not be the case.

According to provocative new Oxford University research, days-old infants experience pain like adults do. Using MRI scans, the researchers saw infant brains “light up” in a similar manner to adult brains upon being exposed to mild pain.

This is troubling. Although infants experience an average of 11 painful procedures per day, 60 percent do not receive any pharmacological analgesia, according to a recent review of neonatal pain management practice in intensive care.

The new understanding of infant pain processing has some significant implications. For one, it suggests clinical guidelines for infants undergoing painful procedures should be revisited.”

Click for full article: Surprising Study Finds That Babies Feel Pain Like Adults


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