Review: In ‘Happily After Ever,’ a Couple’s Impossible Choice

Human Genital Mutilation affects all children – not just girls – many people are aware of the intactivist debate about genital cutting of boys, circumcision, but not of the plight of intersex children whose lives have been made difficult by unelective gender correction surgery as babies. Sometimes a Surgeon makes an error and allocates the wrong gender to a child. Legislation is needed to prevent such intervention until the person has reached puberty and can make an informed choice. Intersex children have been hidden from modern society and its preoccupation with “normality” another play examining this issue premiers in New York …

“It doesn’t seem like a setup for a play about gender identity, but it is. When Janet (Molly-Ann Nordin) becomes pregnant, she and Darren (Jeffrey Brian Adams) expect a cookie-cutter-perfect addition to their retro-photogenic Ward-and-June-Cleaver lives. But their baby is born with ambiguous genitalia, and they suddenly have to think more deeply — about whether and how to resolve that ambiguity. Should the baby be a boy? A girl? Should they wait and let the child decide? Profound love and terrible fear collide.”

Click for full article: Review: In ‘Happily After Ever,’ a Couple’s Impossible Choice


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