Anatomy: Development of the Male and Female Foreskin

A Doctor explains how male and female develop from identical tissue into similar body parts …

The same foreskin parts formed from the same tissue…

“Women, grab a mirror and take a good look at your clitoris. A really good look. Underneath the fold of skin, you can probably see a little knob of tissue. Try to peel the skin back so you can see this knob better. You probably can’t pull it back very much, and you probably don’t want to, because it probably would hurt to do so. This is exactly how the head of a newborn boy’s penis is attached to his foreskin.

The little knob of tissue you can see is the tip of the glans clitoris. If you could peel the skin back, you would see this structure looks like a very tiny penis. Under the skin, you can feel a ridge of tissue that is the continuation of this structure, hidden under the overlying skin.”


Click for full article: Development of the Male and Female Foreskin By Adrienne Carmack, MD


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