Words are Important: Human Genital Mutilation (HGM)

I am extremely grateful that the FGM debate has caused many people to start looking at the issue of genital mutilation of children. Once one reads about it one sees that FGM is part of a larger problem – I had never considered Intersex children and their plight when the wrong decision was made by a Surgeon and the child is allocated the wrong gender. I had never considered the effects of male circumcision. Now it seems plain to me that all children irrespective of gender need protection from their parents’ religious rites and medical quackery.

Western society has rightly tried to protect the rights of women and people of differing sexual proclivities in spite of opposition from various religious groups. Slavery has been made illegal in western countries – in spite of its supporters using religious justification to support it. Surely it must be the right time to protect all children from genital cutting – children are the most vulnerable in any society. Religious rites of parents should not even come into the debate – they are irrelevant in a civilised society.

HGM, Human Genital Mutilation, is a much better term than FGM and MGM and IGM combined.

Must Read Breaking News … HGM “Human Genital Mutilation” an Inclusive Term

All children, boy, girl, or intersex, deserve an intact body!

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