Men urged to ‘speak out’ to end FGM

An attempt to blame men for cutting girls – women cut girls. If the men are cut maybe the women think it is a good thing too. Best to end HGM (Human Genital Mutilation) for all children…

The Men Speak Out project, launched on Friday in Brussels, is the first pan-European campaign to engage men in the prevention of FGM.

Naana Otoo Oyortey, the executive director of Forward, a leading charity working in the UK to end the practice, which is part of the Men Speak Out project, said: “So far the whole campaign around FGM has predominantly been focused on women. But research from Unicef in 2013 found a fundamental disconnect between the views of men and women on FGM.

“Women think they are doing it for men because men want it. But men do not really understand why women are doing it”


Click for full article: Men urged to ‘speak out’ to end FGM


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