Breaking the Cycle of Abuse: Men do Complain

The Sex Education I received at school covered the mechanics of intercourse, the biology, and dealt with emotional and relationship issues – not too bad for its day – four decades ago. The function of the male foreskin was not discussed at all. I think it time it was. Along with the issue of Human Genital Mutilation. Primary school education would be best – making children at risk aware of the issues and loss of function from cutting.

Why the UK Government has recently decided *not* to include sex education as part of the National Curriculum to be taught in all schools I cannot fathom. I can only guess that pressure from religious minorities has had an influence on this decision.

Adults who have suffered HGM  will be thinking of legal redress – who can blame them – society must legislate to protect all children from HGM.

This man’s words are representative of many voices around the world – no one has the right to cut children  – only the adult human can make the decision.

Christopher P, USA, “This barbaric practice (HGM, Human Genital Mutilation, of boys, male circumcision) should be illegal; the persons who perform it should be liable to civil and criminal penalties. I want to sue the fucker who cut me 49 years ago!”

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