Circumcision does not determine that a person is Jewish

Many Jews and non Jews are ignorant about Human Genital Mutilation (HGM) and Judaism. Male Circumcision never has been the defining thing to make you Jewish (It would rule out all the lady Jews for a start). Having a Jewish Mum is the accepted rule. Certainly having been MGM’d alone does not make you Jewish.

“When my beloved son was born I didn’t circumcise him. It was an easy and natural step, which I saw as an expression of my existence as a free man.

“I’m opposed to circumcision, and also have reservations about the use of the term “brit milah” (“covenant of circumcision”). It involves cutting the infant’s sexual organ, and I am opposed to the cutting of the sexual organs of boys and girls…

Strange. According to Jewish law, a Jew is someone born to a Jewish mother and, according to a more progressive approach, anyone who sees himself as belonging to the Jewish people. There were periods and communities in Jewish history in which circumcision was not practiced – from the days of ancient Egypt up to the Communist bloc. Moses was opposed to circumcision and didn’t circumcise his son, and the Children of Israel crossed the Jordan into Canaan uncircumcised.

“Circumcision does not determine that a person is Jewish, and non-circumcision does not determine that a person is not Jewish. So to come and claim that the preservation of Jewish identity rises and falls with the cutting of the sexual organs of infants? That this is the most basic symbol that guarantees the survival of Jewish society? That this is the strongest tie connecting the Jewish people to itself and its God? More than faith? More than the Torah and the Ten Commandments? More than the State of Israel and the Land of Israel?

“In light of such groundless claims, both religious and nonreligious Jews should start asking themselves questions.” ~Uri Misgav, Haaretz Contributor, read more:

Click for full article: Haaretz, 2014 Let’s Talk About Circumcision

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