Indonesia: Female circumcision not mutilation: Jakarta

HGM (Human Genital Mutilation) at its most mild. Indonesia’s Muslim culture see’s FGM (Female Circumcision) as desirable – not as a harmful thing at all. It is seen as a way of limiting the libido… This form of HGM is one of the least invasive – pin prick to the clitoral hood (female foreskin). Similar to a method of MGM that just involves drawing a drop of blood from the male foreskin.

Thrashing wildly, 5-year-old Reta wails as she is hoisted onto a bed during a circumcision ceremony in a school hall-turned-clinic on Indonesia’s island of Java. “No, no, no,” she cries, punching and kicking as her mother cups her tear-soaked face to soothe her.

Doctors cheer encouragingly. One of them gently swipes the girl’s genital area with antiseptic and then swiftly pricks the hood of her clitoris with a fresh sewing needle, drawing no blood. The ordeal is over in seconds.

Doctors say the procedure will have no effect on the girl, her sexual pleasure in later life or ability to bear a child.

“I’m happy. My daughter is now clean,” her mother Yuli, a 27-year-old seamstress who goes by one name, said at a mass circumcision of 120 girls at the Assalaam Foundation’s Islamic school in the city of Bandung.

She believes the ritual will nevertheless have an effect.

“Many girls are getting pregnant out of wedlock these days,” she noted. “Circumcision hopefully will prevent my daughter from becoming oversexed, and will make her less amorous when she grows up.”

Click for full article, Japan Times: Female circumcision not mutilation: Jakarta

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No cutting without informed consent.

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