This is why Intersex Activists handcuffed themselves to UK’s parliament today

In antiquity surgery was not as viable an option as it is nowadays – yet the incidence of Intersex birth must have been similar to today, that is 1:100. In a way Intersex people had a better deal – they were not operated on so readily as children. Hermaphrodite was the ancient name for people born like this. This condition is extremely variable – the modern term is Intersex.

Although probably well meaning, there is no place for a Doctor or Medical Team to “decide” which gender an individual should be assigned surgically. Informed consent must be sought from the person concerned – in the case of a baby or child this will involve waiting until they reach puberty at least…

Genital Integrity should be a basic human right for all children!

Circumstitions Ritual Myths 1 The Dogon – Cutting Bisexuality, Physical Ambiguity, Rite of Passage, Sub Saharan Africa, Ancient Egypt

“… today I  handcuffed myself to the railings at Parliament, I’ve been into the houses of Parliament, challenged by Police and Security and eventually Joe and I were escorted by the police off the premises, but I’ve loved it all. Most people who know me know why but we need parliament to listen we desperately need an inquiry into intersex equality, we need a stop putting to surgeries to decide the sex of underdeveloped babies, forcing them to live as a gender that was chosen for them, regardless of the gender they truly are, it’s immoral, it’s cruel and it needs stopping!”

Julia Farmer, Protester

(Gay Star News) Watch how three brave activists are calling for an Intersex Equality Inquiry in the UK

Artist Ela Xora, author Joe Holliday and his mother Julia Farmer stood in protest against the institutionalised abuse and cruelty against anyone born intersex.

Intersex is when you are born with sexual or reproductive parts that do not fit within the typical definitions of male and female. The Council of Europe and Amnesty International have agreed the UK should also launch an intersex inquiry and given them equal human rights in UK law.

Intersex people have variations in hormone levels, genitalia or chromosomes that vary biologically from wholly male or female biology. Most intersex people are born with stereotypical genitals meaning the majority do not know they are intersex until they get to adulthood. Around 1 in 100 babies are thought to be born intersex.

The activists are fighting for parliament to recognize the systematic abuse where intersex people are castrated or mutilated against their will. This is thought to happen because many do not understand intersex people exist at all.

For example, Holliday was castrated without his consent and brought up as a girl as the result of UK medical establishment recommendations because he was born without a penis. He has been involved in launching a series of protests aimed at the UK government to human rights organizations around the world including the UN.

Xora, Holliday and Farmer all chained themselves to the gates, with parliamentary police confronting them over their protest late this afternoon.

Click for full article and video interview: This is why intersex activists handcuffed themselves to UK’s parliament today



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