My Circumcision: Intactivist Jewish Man Narrates His Family’s Video of His MGM

A Jewish man who grew up to question his mutilation shares his family’s video of the actual event – with his commentary added as an adult… what is striking is that both parents are not altogether happy with what is happening, Mum is still recovering from the birth … notice the ritual chanting at the right moment to distract from the baby’s screams… The cyclic ritual abuse is so ingrained that the parents feel obliged to do it …
Many Mothers say that the bond between Mum and Baby takes about two weeks after birth to become its strongest – perhaps that is one reason why the ancient Rabbis decided that eight days after birth was a good time to take the child from his Mum to cut and provide blood for the sacrifice to Yahweh.


Youtube Published on Nov 26, 2014 
It’s rare that you’ll meet a Jew who hates being circumcised. It’s even rarer that you’ll meet one who has video evidence.Maybe I don’t remember this happening to me, thankfully my parents immortalized the trauma on film. Included in the video are instances of mutilation jokes, penis size obsession, and regret from my parents afterwords. The actual procedure starts at about 3 minutes… I don’t know who this Rabbi is but I know he’s from Albany. I don’t want to sue him or anything, just speak my mind to him for the sake of closure. And sorry to my subscribers, I know this is kind of a gaming channel and not what you signed up for xD


Depiction of the MGM of Rabbi Jesus – sacred to Roman Catholics

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