22 March 2016: UK Intactivist Protest Luton MGM Clinic

Note at the end of the article a spokesman from the clinic defends their position by pointing out that doing MGM in a clinic with medical back up is much better than doing it in a home setting. Surely it is equally bad to do it in a synagogue rather than a clinic?

One of the UK’s largest male circumcision clinics is facing a protest by campaigners who claim the procedure amounts to ‘child abuse’. Justice for Men and Boys – a group which says it advocates for the rights of males – will demonstrate outside Thornhill Clinic, Luton, on March 22, in opposition to what it calls the ‘mutilation’ of boys.

Though circumcision for non-medical reasons is not available on the NHS the procedure is still popular for people from a number of different backgrounds, many of whom use Thornhill Clinic. However Justice for Men and Boys claims that the procedure is cruel as young boys are not able to give consent.

J4MB leader Mike Buchanan told the Luton News: “The whole point is to take away material that contains nerves and gives pleasure to men during sex. “People say that it is for hygiene reasons but it is just a cultural and religious thing that has survived.

“It should be consigned to history. There are no health benefits and people have this funny idea that female genital mutilation is this awful, damaging thing and that circumcision is just snipping the foreskin off. They are directly comparable.”

In a statement Thornhill Clinic told the Luton News: “We take great pride in our services, particularly with the welfare of our babies, children and adults.

“Our fully trained doctors have performed several thousand operations and are very skilled, experienced and above all provide the very highest standards of professional care.”

It added: “Our presence gives parents and communities the option to use a registered and reputable clinic to have their sons circumcised. This in turn will stop the many home circumcisions that are currently taking place in and around the UK; the home is an unsafe environment to carry out this or any operation.”

Click for original Article: Private clinic facing protest over circumcision row




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