“The Child Cried So Much He Burst His Lung”

Victor Schonfeld, a Jewish Film Maker, shows what happens when things go wrong, the family and community pressure that contributes toward the cycle of abuse, and suggests change should come. Several Jewish Scholars have itemised how MGM has been used to control Male sexuality in at least three ways: masturbation prevention, (some extreme forms of Judaism preach that a Jewish man’s semen is so sacred that it should never be spent in masturbation or outside of a kosher vagina – only in procreation within marriage – which would exclude gay sex, oral sex, etc.); to prevent Gay Jews in antiquity from visiting Greek Gyms (Greeks saw a cut man as a slave – no entry to Gym, or Jim! Greeks were not so bothered about sexual orientation as people who took the laws of Moses literally); and to make the man less sexually sensitive in the hope this would keep him producing more babies for the tribe – within marriage – less pleasure = less likely to be permissive and less likely to seek extramarital liaisons.


It’s a Boy! C4 Documentary

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