How would you feel if your Doctor mutilated your genitals without your consent? Trans activist and artist reveals a powerful and horrific story that will open your mind about intersex rights…


You will likely have heard many stories of female genital mutilation, with girls across the world facing horrific procedures over religious or sexist hatred. And this is just another example of genital mutilation, and one that you might not be aware of.

One woman went in for an operation before her c-section in 1998. When she was under, she was mutilated by her doctor without her consent. It left her infertile, with damage to groin and without ovaries on MRI and CT scans. This was done because she is intersex.

Intersex is the term given for a variety of conditions in which a person is born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t it the standard definitions of female or male.

Ela Xora, an intersex rights activist and artist, began a parliamentary demonstration yesterday in the fight against non-consensual genital mutilation in the UK.

‘Most people don’t even know what the word intersex is,’ she told GSN.

‘Until [intersex equality] is announced as an enquiry, we can’t move forward in society.’

Click for original article: Gay Star News

Should Doctors Operate On Intersex Babies?

GA mixed
No genital cutting of any person without informed consent.

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