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It is not anti-semitic to suggest that ritual child MGM is not needed. Many Jews around the world are against MGM.

There has been a history of over 2200 years of opposition to this rite within Judaism itself. Modern Judaism’s reform movement, started in the late 1800s, at its very conception wanted to leave MGM behind but more conservative elements in the movement kept it – probably not to alienate those people who wanted to reform but not lose the male tribal mark of covenant – the mark of contract with the divine being…

MGM was made more invasive … “Talmudic sages related to a mashukh, a man who physically disguises his circumcision.7 The practice of meshikhat orlah—the drawing down of the foreskin (in English, decircumcision or epispasm)—was known between the second century B.C.E. and the second century C.E. By stretching vestigial penile skin tissue to cover the glans penis, a man who desired to pass beyond Jewish communal boundaries to join non-Jewish society could remove the identifying mark of Jewish identity. The Rabbis discussed whether or not a repeated circumcision might offer him a way back, but they also took action to thwart this blatant transgression of the boundary. As this essay will show, until the middle of the second century C.E. the sanctioned method of circumcision allowed for the possibility of stretching and drawing down remaining foreskin tissue and thereby “crossing the border” of Jewish society, leaving no physical sign. I maintain that the requirement of periah (the splitting and peeling back of the mucosal membrane lining the foreskin, thus fully uncovering the glans penis) was instituted by the Rabbis following the Bar Kokhba Revolt for the purpose of sealing this breach. If so, this constitutes a striking example of change instituted in one of the most deeply rooted norms in Jewish law and society.”

Click for excellent paper on the history of MGM within Judaism: Brit Milah: A Study Of Change In Custom

Around 2200 years ago Jewish society had spread around the world of the Greeks and Romans – who also imposed themselves on Jewish society … In Greek culture Homosexuality was much more accepted … Jewish men would be discriminated against if they wished to compete in games or visit the gym (ever a place for liaisons between men). Circumcision was regarded as the mark of a slave to the Greeks who saw the foreskin as a beautiful sheath for man’s sword of sexuality…  So some Jews began foreskin restoration – the Rabbis responded by making the MGM much more invasive than the MGM done in the time of Abraham or Moses – so it would be impossible to reverse …

Many commentators have pointed out that this amounts to repression of homosexuality…

Click here for Jewish support group: Facebook Beyond the Bris

When Joshua reached Gilgal – the Israelites cut those that had not been cut during the years wandering in the wilderness with Moses – they were arguably at their most Jewish while in the wilderness when the Tablet and Torah were given… and yet not cut …
In the USA, Muslim, and Jewish, communities bigots call gays “queer” and the uncut “queer” too – insinuating both conditions are wrong… MGM was used to repress gay men in antiquity … and maybe still is …

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