British Public Awareness Posters For FGM

Poster from the UK Government detailing prison terms for FGM or aiding FGM. UK law has not been successful in preventing FGM in Britain. One case was thrown out of court recently. The girl depicted in the middle is a mystery as white, native British people don’t do FGM. I guess the poster was created with political correctness in mind – not reality. Also some Islamic writings do discuss FGM which is  done in Islamic cultures, Egypt, Somalia, Sub Saharan Africa and Malaysia .

UK Government’s advice on FGM

Wikipedia Religious views on female genital mutilation.

Institutionalised Sexism and misinformation about religion – Islam does discuss FGM and some regard it desirable if not obligatory …

This poster below is from the leading UK children’s charity… The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. (NSPCC)

So is MGM on kids!

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