The Voice of Europe: Genital mutilation and the effects of misandry

Discussion from “A Voice for Men” the first 40 minutes is about MGM and FGM …

On February 26, Jon Gunnarsson, Lucian Vâlsan and James Huff, will be hosting a new episode of Voice of Europe. Last week has brought genital mutilation back into the headlines as a medical journal made the case that since MGM is legal, the equivalent forms of FGM should also be legal – a move which compelled, for the first time, individuals of the establishment to speak about shunning MGM altogether alongside FGM.

In other news, the effects of institutionalized misandry are starting to be noticed – but the usual suspects still insist to divert the blame upon vague entities such as “society” – rather than admit to being wrong.

Oh… and don’t miss the silly place portion!

Anyway, so the stories discussed tonight are as follows:…
FGM is only the same as ‘male circumcision, breast implants and designer vagina ops’: Gynecologists argue genital ‘nicks’ that don’t harm girls should be legalized…
Liberalernas ungdomsförbund: Tillåt incest och nekrofili…
UK’s leading feminist library facing closure after council says it can no longer afford to subsidise its rent…
Kreativmarkt: Warum sich der Eintritt für Männer verdoppelt…
Why do white working-class boys shun university?…
I married my cats after my last relationship ended in heartache – and it’s purr-fect


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