Santiago, Chile, March 2016: Boy Dies After Circumcision

Google translation: Link to original article.

“MOCHA. A child died on Tuesday morning after surgery. Yeidy Ramirez Beato Center under 4 years of age, was the son of Johanna Beato and Anyelo Ramirez. The directors of the clinic located in Calle Rosario, the time is still not find reasonable explanations that led to the death of the child. The corpse was taken to Santiago INACIF to perform the autopsy of the site and determine the cause of death. According to the Police and certified by the medical examiner Cinencio Uribe, the child died after surgery by Dr. Nelson Aybar and anesthesiologist, Dr. Abraham García Gómez. Relatives of the child said to the portal, which allegedly tried to medical malpractice and seek explanation why her son died. In the video, the mother wept inconsolably and wondered “Why my son?” The child died after having a circumcision. Hundreds of onlookers and members of the press inquired about the unfortunate tragedy, watch the video.”

Corroborating Article from another local Newspaper

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